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Economy creates more formal-sector jobs
Economy creates more formal-sector jobs

Economy creates more formal-sector jobs

JOBS NEWS - Oct 3rd 2014, 10:02

The number of formal-sector jobs increased by 155, 000 to 8.666-million in the second quarter, Statistics SA’s quarterly employment statistics (QES) showed on Monday. 

The jobs were created by the community services industry, which added 143, 000 jobs; trade industry with 17, 000 jobs; the construction industry with 5, 000 jobs; and the finance industry, which added 2, 000 jobs.

Job losses were reported by the manufacturing; transport; mining; and electricity sectors. Mining and manufacturing were hit by strikes earlier this year.

Comparing the second quarter of last year to the same period this year, employment in the formal sector increased by 229, 000, or 2.7%. Most increases were reported by the community services, trade and finance sectors.

The report showed that gross earnings paid to employees increased by R3.9bn from R404bn in the first quarter to R408bn in the second quarter. The increase was mainly due to increases in the community services and transport industries.

Gross earnings rose by R24bn year on year.

There was a quarter-on-quarter increase of 3.0% in average monthly earnings paid to employees in the formal non-agricultural sector from R14, 731 in February 2014 to R15, 169 in May 2014.

On an annual basis, average monthly earnings paid to employees increased by 4.6% from R14, 506 in May 2013 to R15, 169 in May 2014.From DFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd 

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