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The limited-edition Sugarbird Gin Eggs come in a pack of six with three different gin varieties.
The limited-edition Sugarbird Gin Eggs come in a pack of six with three different gin varieties.

Egg hunting just got more fun for adults with the introduction of Sugarbird® Gin Eggs


Issued by Corporate Image - Apr 11th, 14:59

Made by entrepreneurial spirited local gin brand Sugarbird®, the Sugarbird Gin Eggs is the brainchild of co-owners Nzeka Biyela and Rob Heyns.  

The limited-edition Sugarbird Gin Eggs come in a pack of six with three different gin varieties: It includes the original Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Gin –a floral gin inspired by the resurgence of traditional gin with hints of pine and spice – as well as two new flavours: Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered – the very purple gin, paying homage to the essence at the core of gin, offers the full personality of Juniper, and Sugarbird Pink Pelargoniam – a new delicious pink Rose Geranium flavoured gin.

Heyns says that adding fun to life is core to the Sugarbird brand. “The idea was to create a concept that adds a sense of fun during this special holiday. We wanted to hatch the perfect idea to bring out our adult customers’ fun side.” This isn’t the first time the company has conceptualised a fun concept. In December the company also released limited Sugarbird Gin Christmas baubles.

The six-pack Sugarbird Gin Eggs not only makes for a different Easter treat (for adults), but you can also join a real-life ‘Golden Gin Egg Hunt’ where five lucky winners will stand the chance to win a Sugarbird gin gift set worth R5 000. All you have to do is find the winning golden egg inside the copper lid of the gin egg. Happy hunting!

The Sugarbird Gin Eggs pack is only available at Pick n Pay Liquor stores nationwide and costs R169.99 per pack. Or you can buy two for R249.00. They are also available online at

“The popularity of gin shows no signs of slowing down and we are always looking to offer our customers something new and innovative in this range. The Sugarbird Gin Eggs does just this by providing our customers with a fun and exciting way to enjoy their favourite drink,” says Katie Bailie, Pick n Pay: Trade Marketing Liquor.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to best enjoy these Gin Eggs, Sugarbird has created three gin cocktails that perfectly pair with popular Easter dishes:

Sugarbird Fynbos Fruity Treat
Best served with a fragrant fish dish

Ingredients required:
• 1 X Sugarbird Fynbos Original Gin Egg (25ml)
• Raspberries
• Rosemary
• Slice of grapefruit
• Indian Tonic

To get the most out of this cocktail:
Create a simple syrup by dissolving 1 cup of sugar in 1 cup of water in a pot on the stove. When the sugar has dissolved, add a few sprigs of rosemary and a small handful of berries. Once the syrup has taken on the colour of the berries, you can remove the berries and the rosemary. Cool completely before use.

To serve:
In a coupe glass (or your favourite cocktail glass), mix the Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Gin Egg with a single shot of infused simple syrup. Top with Indian Tonic and some ice cubes. Drop in a few berries, a sprig of rosemary and a halved slice of grapefruit.

Food pairing suggestion:
The subtle and gentle floral, citrus expression of the Fynbos Original (clear egg) would be best paired with a more fragrant Easter Sunday fish dish.

Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered Blackberry & Lime
Best served with a rich pork dish

Ingredients required:

• 1 Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered Gin Egg (25ml)
• 15ml Lavender Syrup
• 5 Mint Leaves
• Lime squeeze
• Blackberries
• Cellulose

To serve:
Shaken hard and fine strained into a chilled Coup Glass.

Food pairing suggestion:
The bold flavours of Juniper Unfiltered (purple egg) work well with rich and robust dishes, such as pork belly. Combine this with poached apples with cinnamon and star anise and smoked sweet potatoes.

Sugarbird Pink Pelargoniam Tonic
Best served with chocolate eggs

Ingredients required:
• 1 Sugarbird Pink Pelargoniam Gin Egg (25ml)
• Slice of grapefruit
• Pink peppercorns
• Cinnamon stick
• Mint leaves
• Indian Tonic

get the most out of this cocktail:
Make an infusion of buchu tea in a pot on the stove. Reduce it until it is a strong reduction of buchu. Cool completely before use.

To serve:
In a copa de balon glass (or similar), muddle the Sugarbird Pink Pelargoniam Gin Egg with a single shot of buchu reduction and the mint leaves. Top with Indian Tonic and some ice cubes. Add 1⁄2 tsp pink peppercorns, 1 cinnamon stick and a halved slice of grapefruit.

Food pairing suggestion:
The sweeter Pink Pelargonium (pink egg) would complement your traditional Easter chocolate eggs to create a rosey-chocolatey, Turkish delight-like sensation. Or, for a more balanced combination, serve it with a slightly toasted warm hot cross bun.

PRE-LUNCH OR DINNER CANAPÉS: A selection of blue cheese will pair well with all three gin egg varieties. Or – for the wow factor – create a blue cheese and biltong croquette.  

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