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Bossieveld Gin walked away with double gold for Inspiration – a la Meerkat – gin.
Bossieveld Gin walked away with double gold for Inspiration – a la Meerkat – gin.

Great Karoo Spirit gin wins big


Issued by Rubi Communications - Nov 5th, 13:53

The spirit of the Great Karoo was alive and well at the recent 2019 Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards held on Friday (4 October) in Cape Town. Bossieveld Gin walked away with double gold for Inspiration – a la Meerkat – gin.

Established in 1997, the awards offer South African producers the opportunity of having their wines and spirits adjudicated locally by a highly experienced and respected panel of professionals from around the globe. Success at this prestigious event generally reflects that the wines and spirits would be well received both in South Africa and abroad.

“Great Karoo Spirit has shown that it’s a producer that can compete with the best gin houses in the country. They say a great story always starts from humble beginnings and this is something we’ve shown to be true. From the moment pharmacist Louise van der Walt researched the medicinal properties of the Karoo bossies, it set in motion a journey that has culminated with this recognition,” says Ian Goss-Ross, CEO of Great Karoo Spirit.

Great Karoo Spirit’s Bossieveld Craft Gin is made from three things – grain-based vodka, juniper berries, and other traditional gin botanicals, and the Wild Karoo botanicals, i.e. the unique Karoo Bossies.
“While all proper gins require the first two components, our secret is Louise’s intimate knowledge of fragrant Karoo bossies. This has resulted in a botanical infusion of completely unique bouquets and flavours. Distilling her personal blend of bossies results in gin that creates a kaleidoscope of aromas and tastes so complex that it cannot be described easily.”

Inspiration reminds Louise of warm summer evenings under the stars and of a soft breeze through the bluegum trees and candle-light calling from inside open windows. It is also the fragrance of late afternoons after a long, hot day and sunset colours when the deep indigo melts into warm red and orange.

This gin is distilled with traditional gin botanicals and complemented by a selection of Wild Karoo Bossie botanicals. Traditional botanicals include juniper, coriander, chamomile, kaffir lime, orange peel, lemon peel, orris route, angelica, and cassia bark. The gin is juniper-driven with hints of citrus and floral notes. Wild Karoo botanicals subtly accentuate herbal notes and add a truly amazing finish and completeness to the gin.

“Just like the people and region it hails from, our gin is invigorating and free-spirited. It is nostalgic and wistful. You really must live and experience it for yourself. And the award we received reflects that it is a taste that compels and delights. We are looking forward to continuing this magical journey with even more innovation and flavours,” concludes Goss-Ross.

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