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In another illustrious performance, KWV has been named a ‘World Class Distillery’ at the World Spirits Awards.
In another illustrious performance, KWV has been named a ‘World Class Distillery’ at the World Spirits Awards.

KWV named a ‘World Class Distillery’ at World Spirits Awards


Issued by Feed That Bird Communication Consultants on behalf of KWV - Apr 5th 2018, 15:31

In another illustrious performance, KWV has been named a ‘World Class Distillery’ at the World Spirits Awards (WSA) in Germany, a global competition, and classification standard, recognising “simply the best in spirits”. KWV, both a wine and spirits producer, also received a Double Gold and six Gold awards for products from its various distilling portfolios. 

Now in its 15th year, the WSA prides itself in having ‘the best judges in the world’ who adjudicate samples received from distillers across the globe. Inspired by the classification system applied to Bordeaux wine, the WSA seeks to standardise quality. In order to be classified a ‘World Class Distillery,’ a producer has to achieve an overall score of 92/100 or higher, based on the performance of its products. KWV is one of only 23 distilleries worldwide that is honoured with this title in 2018.

KWV received the classification “World Class Distillery” on the back of several of its spirits receiving phenomenal scores. KWV’s 20-Year-Old Potstill Brandy received a Double Gold rating with a score totaling 95.7 / 100. In addition, KWV received Gold ratings with scores between 90 and 95/100 for its KWV 10-year-old Potstill Brandy, KWV 12-year-old Potstill Brandy, KWV 15-year-old Potstill Brandy, Imoya brandy and Laborie Alambic brandy. KWV’s Cruxland Gin was rated 94.7/100 and also awarded Gold.

This recognition follows further global acknowledgement of KWV’s spirits in numerous esteemed competitions. KWV was awarded the ultimate title of Brandy Producer of the Year at the International Wine and Spirits Competition last year, where it also received the Worldwide Brandy Trophy for its KWV 15-year-old Potstill Brandy. More recently, Cruxland Gin was named the Best South African London Dry Gin for Taste in the World Gin Awards.

Nuno Fernandes, KWV Marketing Executive for Spirits, said the WSA evaluation shows that KWV’s mantra of producing quality that “delights the consumer” infiltrates every product. He added: “More than anything, to meet the qualifying standards of a World Class Distillery shows our consumers that our brands have a consistency which they can trust. Our team is really proud that their craftsmanship is receiving such extraordinary acknowledgement.”

Official scores and tasting notes from the WSA panel:

95,7 Points – KWV 20-Year-Old - Double-Gold
Fragrance: Broadly diversified, ripe brandy stylistics, vinous and yeasty basic notes, slightly estery, orange, grapefruit, peach, plum, banana, strong wood texture, nutmeg, raisins, dried prune, vanilla, malt, honeydew honey, leather, tobacco, smoky and iodine reflections. Taste: Aromatic texture, grape-like, yeasty and fresh, malty, pear- and apple-like, apricot, muscatel, raisins, a lot of caramel, mocha, chocolate, hazelnuts, green and herbal accents in the background, slightly iodinous and quince-like, leathery, full-bodied, compact, balanced, very long finish.

92 Points – KWV 10-Year-Old - Gold
Fragrance: Highly aromatic brandy character, almost drop-like and yeasty, fresh and estery, slight muscatel notes, plum, apple- and pear-like, banana-like, malty, caramel-like, strong roasty aromas, mocha, cocoa, nougat, some green reflections, nuts, vanilla, orange, floral accents, apricot blossoms. Taste: Distinct roast aroma basis, vinous and juicy, yeasty and fresh, pear-like and fruity, citrus, cherry, orange peel, banana, dried fruit, raisins, a lot of vanilla, dark chocolate, balanced, good tightness, long-lasting finish.

92 Points – Laborie Alambic 5-Year-Old - Gold
Fragrance: Typical wood and roast aromas, delicate fruit ester, exotic reminiscences, apricot, orange, vinous and grape-like, pear- and banana-like, dark chocolate, coconut, caramel, vanilla, leather, tobacco, nuts. Taste: Fragrance copy on the palate, vinous and yeasty, apple-like, cherry-like, mint, caramel, raisins, toffee, dark chocolate, nuts, leather, bitter almond, nice candy sweetness, balanced, full-bodied and long.

92 Points – Imoya 3-Year-Old - Gold
Fragrance: Elegant brandy and roast profile with the presence of yeast, somewhat mineral-like, citrus, orange, baked apple, a lot of prunes, raisins, dark chocolate, caramel, coffee, apple- and pear-like, grape-like freshness, floral, some green reflections. Taste: Opulent, very vinous and roasty, distinctly yeasty and malty, dried prune, orange peel, apricot, peach, dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel, raisins, nuts, nice honey sweetness, balanced, compact body, lengthy finish.

93 Points – KWV 15-Year-Old - Gold
Fragrance: Ripe brandy stylistics with a touch of nutmeg, strong roasty aromas, smoky and coal-like, slightly balsamic texture, nice ester variants, rum accents, vinous and yeasty, grape- and apple-like, yellow plum, raisins, dried prune, chocolate and banana, vanilla. Taste: Aromatic fragrance image, a lot of yeasty freshness, ripe grape, apricot jam, elegant wood and roast aromas, some tannins, raisins, green nuts, leather, exotic touch, very dense, balanced, long finish.

93,7 Points – KWV 12-Year-Old - Gold
Fragrance: Aromatic and perfumed, some banana ester, vinous, yeasty and fruity, apple peel, mineral-like, orange, apricot, plum, smoky and roasty, caramel, vanilla, rum-raisins, prunes, caramel, green and nutty reflections. Taste: Noble brandy stylistics, aromatic grapes, citrus, ripe banana, roasty notes, light toffee, sponge, a lot of nut and nougat chocolate, honey, peach, leather, coffee, plump and yeasty sweetness, slightly mineral finish.

94,7 Points – Cruxland Gin - Gold
Fragrance: Very inciting variety concept, delicate juniper aromas, green banana, pear, chocolate, mint, vanilla, citrus, coriander, ginger, anise, lavender, floral aspects, touch of peach. Taste: Typical style, drop-like, juniper berry-like, citrus, orange peel, lime, some bitter lemon peels, After Eight associations, coriander, sweet roots, lavender, some menthol coolness, good harmony, tightness and length in the finish.

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