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Schweppes launches muscovado mixer
Schweppes launches muscovado mixer

Schweppes launches muscovado mixer to pair with dark spirits


By Tesni Roberts - Jul 12th 2018, 08:26

Coca-Cola European Partners has unveiled a new variant of its Schweppes 1783 range. 

Schweppes 1783 muscovado is a mixer created to enhance the taste of dark spirits like rum and whiskey.

Launching in September, the mixer is a naturally flavoured combination of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch. Coca-Cola European Partners claim that this latest edition taps into the growing demand for premium dark spirits, particularly with whiskey sales increasing 2.5%.

The new edition will be available in Schweppes’ 200ml skittle-shaped glass bottle – a design choice that was introduced last year alongside the company’s rebranding and pays homage to the original bottle created by Jacob Schweppe.

The 1783 range was launched in October 2017 as part of the brand’s biggest investment in its 235-year history and coincided with a £6.6 million, four-month campaign.

Schweppes 1783 muscovado joins the six-strong 1783 range, which consists of crisp tonic water, light tonic water, golden ginger ale, as well as flavoured tonics: salty lemon, quenching cucumber and aromatic floral.

Coca-Cola European Partners GB customer marketing director Simon Harrison said: “The new muscovado variant highlights how 1783 is more than a range of tonics, but instead a portfolio of naturally flavoured premium mixers with the same long-lasting effervescence associated with classic Schweppes. Expertly crafted with guidance from mixologists and drink experts, the full 1783 range is designed to help licensees and bartenders deliver interesting, great tasting, mixed drinks and cocktails for consumers to explore."

“The 1783 muscovado variant joins 1783 ginger ale and complements existing Schweppes classic ginger beer and Schweppes classic ginger ale variants, providing our customers with a range of dark spirit mixers for a host of budgets, outlet types and tastes.”

Schweppes remains the biggest mixer brand in the UK and grew by 5% in volume and value this year.

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