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I See A Different You is a creative pop-culture collective from Soweto. Their ‘movement’ was born from a pure love for the very place they are from.
I See A Different You is a creative pop-culture collective from Soweto. Their ‘movement’ was born from a pure love for the very place they are from.

Scottish Leader presents perspective-shifting digital experience


Issued by August Collective - Oct 18th 2018, 14:19

Scottish Leader, the famous whisky brand known for challenging perspectives to realise richer possibilities, has just launched a creative digital tool that recognises facial expressions when participants are presented with a range of provocative images.  

These photographs, captured in collaboration with the trendsetting I See A Different You creative duo, Innocent Mukheli and Vuyo Mpantsha, are a visual interpretation and expression of everyday themes including beauty, masculinity and love.

How did this come about? Meryll Stocks Roos of Scottish Leader’s SA marketing team explains: “Scottish Leader inspires others to see things from a new perspective to discover new possibilities. Our existing partnership with visionary youth culture pioneers I See A Different You, who have dedicated their talents to bringing alternative views of South Africa to a global audience, proved to be brilliant in bringing this alive."

“In collaboration with them and our digital partner agency Digitas Liquorice, we created a perspective-shifting digital experience using emotion detection software. Expected and more radical perspectives of familiar themes were explored for the digital showcase. Through innovative emotion detection technology, people’s reactions, such as frowns and smiles, to each picture are analysed, from little response to surprise, in order to create an accurate portrayal of their perspective on each image. Users are then served a customised video featuring the picture that challenged their perspective the most or resonated most, which they are encouraged to share on social media.”

The theme for October is beauty, while masculinity will be featured in November, and love in December. The images per theme will also be shown on Scottish Leader’s social media channels.

Says Miles Murphy, CEO and founder of Digitas Liquorice: “At Digitas Liquorice, we’ve seen an ongoing drive by brands to eradicate outdated archetypes in advertising. With Scottish Leader and I See A Different You, it was a chance for us to use technological innovation to shift the stereotypical perspectives of everyday themes including beauty, masculinity and love for this iconic Distell brand. The use of emotion detection technology allows us to connect with consumers in a deeper and more authentic way, helping Scottish Leader set the benchmark for brands to actively challenge stereotypes digitally.”

This digital initiative builds on and extends the out-of-home billboard campaign launched earlier this year that features I See A Different You on a number of eye-catching Scottish Leader billboards situated across South African cities, showing an Afro-optimistic new perspective to those inquisitive minds prepared to see the beauty and diversity in the everyday. The thinking behind it is that new views and observations lead to enhanced opportunities and that only those who can look at the world differently have the power to change it.

I See A Different You is a creative pop-culture collective from Soweto. Their ‘movement’ was born from a pure love for the very place they are from. They wanted to show a different Soweto – their Soweto – to the world, simultaneously retelling and reframing the township story in an optimistic and creative light to alter negative, contrived and outdated perceptions. It aptly mirrors the Scottish Leader ethos.


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