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Soon, scanning a favourite logo will bring it to life.
Soon, scanning a favourite logo will bring it to life.

Brand scan app brings logos to life


By Jeremy Maggs - Nov 2nd 2018, 08:15

Soon, scanning a favourite logo will bring it to life. LogoScan, an augmented reality-enabled app, is set to hit SA, bringing consumers within an arm’s length of engaging with brands in enhanced reality.

The aim of the app is to experience digital content in augmented reality — or link through to websites in an instant. Users will need to hold up their smartphones to activated logos and scan.

Rich Cheary, CEO of app developer Afrozaar, says: "We’re moving beyond a point where QR codes are the only way to scan. For most brands, their logo is the first contact point with consumers. There is a special bond between a brand-loyal consumer and a logo that goes much farther than TV or digital banner ads and taglines."

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