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Our world is changing. Advances in cloud, mobile, edge computing, IoT and AI are unlocking new business opportunities at a speed not seen before.
Our world is changing. Advances in cloud, mobile, edge computing, IoT and AI are unlocking new business opportunities at a speed not seen before.

Consumer readiness to embrace technology-driven innovation


Business Tech - Apr 4th, 11:18

Our world is changing. Advances in cloud, mobile, edge computing, IoT and AI are unlocking new business opportunities at a speed not seen before. 

The challenge for organisations is to keep everything running smoothly while embracing disruptive innovation and still engaging with and exciting their customers.

New research commissioned by VMware assesses how ready consumers are to embrace technology-driven innovation today and their appetite for its potential.

Key findings, which are aggregated from the UK, France, and Germany and are based on representative consumer samples within each market, has shown that there is real appetite in the market for innovative technologies, which creates significant business opportunities.

Consumers recognise that technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain are impacting their lives more than ever and are willing to welcome change – and even disruption – in the name of an improved experience.

The findings outline the challenges companies face and serves as a guide to business’ innovation strategies going forward.

Key takeaways are outlined below:

- Businesses must get customers on board by educating them and gain their trust.
- Customers are excited about business innovation and have faith in a technology-driven future.
- Understand what customers want and what they are and aren’t willing to accept.
- Build and retain relationships through immersive services and guidance.

Now is the time for businesses to act

“As we approach a new digital frontier of technology, new opportunities emerge for businesses to drive innovation and positively impact our daily lives. There remains room for greater education to fuel confidence in further innovation and adoption, and consumers have singled out the role of public authorities and companies to support this. Businesses, therefore, can seize the day – embracing these emerging technologies to deliver new and differentiated services to delight customers. With the right digital foundation, businesses can deliver on innovation now, and whatever is around the corner,” says Lorna Hardie, VMware Sub Saharan Africa Regional Director.

While it’s critical to embrace new technologies, it’s even more critical to gain customers’ trust to embrace the journey with you.

To find out more, download this whitepaper.
Business Tech 

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