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SA Vetshops runs a successful loyalty programme for its customers.
SA Vetshops runs a successful loyalty programme for its customers.

Customer loyalty is key to a retailer’s success


Issued by P and P Communications - Oct 12th 2017, 11:51

What is important for a retailer is repeat business. Attracting your customer back into your store and rewarding them for spending money with you. Customer loyalty ultimately builds a brand. 

To manage and reward customers can be a great admin hassle if you do this manually and the process can create all kinds of unnecessary headaches. Unless your loyalty programme is easy and seamless, it can result in more damage than good!

For this reason, Sureswipe has an acquiring service for retailers that use their card payment solution that allows them to customise a loyalty programme to suit their business and help grow their customer database, as well as thank their customers.

Sureswipe has close on 7,000 customers who run loyalty programmes. According to their research statistics, engagement with loyalty customers is 68% compared to 20%; and loyalty customers spend on average 20% more than non-loyalty customers. The average basket spend of non-loyalty customers is R399 compared to loyalty customers of R480.

SA Vetshops, an independent retailer, decided to use Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme to grow its customer base. They are not only passionate about pets, but the company is also passionate about customer loyalty.

“I heard about the Sureswipe Loyalty Programme from our Sureswipe rep when we were meeting about our card payment machines,” says Jamie-Lee Glanville, the company’s marketing representative. She says SA Vetshops had a loyalty system in place, but it was not integrated into its POS system, which was time-consuming for staff to use.

“The Sureswipe system appealed to us as it uses our existing card payment machines with less admin,” Glanville says. Sureswipe’s Loyalty Programme was easy to set-up for SA Vetshops’ six locations.


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