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A brand's success hinges on the loyalty of its customers, a prize that has become increasingly difficult to secure.
A brand's success hinges on the loyalty of its customers, a prize that has become increasingly difficult to secure.

Driving customer loyalty in e-commerce


By Brian Rigney, CEO, Zmags - Mar 19th 2018, 11:00

A brand's success hinges on the loyalty of its customers, a prize that has become increasingly difficult to secure.  

With so many brands and digital experiences at consumers' fingertips, retailers must focus on differentiating from the competition within their online presence to keep customers interested, engaged and coming back.

So, what can retailers do to encourage strong customer loyalty? Here are a few suggestions for improving engagement and overall revenue growth.

Keep it fresh
Delivering relevant and new content keeps customers coming back. While the ultimate goal is to increase conversion rates, retailers need to have a better understanding of how customers are shopping. Often, customers are visiting an e-commerce site for inspiration or education and may be interested in hearing what your brand has to say. Not all shoppers have a product in mind and providing engaging, fresh content can help a shopper decide or drive them to discover a new product. However, if a shopper is seeing the same, static product grid every time they click onto your website, they may lose interest in your brand.

Brands should focus on making their website a destination for consumers to find inspirational, current, and entertaining content. When these updates are made on a consistent basis, customers will check in regularly to keep up with new trends.

Leverage email marketing to its fullest potential
Consumers are inundated with promotional emails all day. Getting them to read through the email and take the ever-important step of clicking the email link is a huge accomplishment for your marketing team. Customers need to be rewarded with fun and exciting content for going that extra mile. Instead of a list of products, give them quizzes to help identify which products they need most or look-books to see how those products might be styled.

Find ways to stand out in the crowd. Email marketing cultivates a brand relationship, engaging customers and encouraging long-term loyalty. The best way to do that is to direct them to an interactive and rich experience that gets them excited about your brand.

Value outside of a product
Today, shopping should be more than just buying. If buying was the only objective, Amazon might be the only e-commerce site around. Customers want more; they want value. This can come in many forms, like how-to videos and step-by-step guides, that provide valuable information to consumers that are hungry for educational content. A customer can decide not to make a purchase and still leave your website feeling satisfied. This value is what helps create a relationship between your brand and the consumer, and increases the odds that shopper will return.

Valuable content transforms your brand into a trusted resource, not just a robotic salesman.Just as you want to have a meaningful conversation with another person, consumers are looking to establish meaningful relationships with brands. Loyalty and sales conversion are the rewards for creating that relationship. Consumers can buy a product from anywhere, but they chose to buy from brands that understand them. As we move into 2018, retailers need to prioritise building customer loyalty through engaging content for long-term growth and success.

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