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Engen and eBucks assist cash constrained consumers
Engen and eBucks assist cash constrained consumers

Engen and eBucks assist cash constrained consumers


Issued by Magna Carta on behalf of Engen - Dec 15th 2015, 02:36

Pocket science is the new trend in consumer behaviour, as budgets are squeezed and discretionary spending is cut in favour of essentials like food and fuel.  

Across all levels of affluence, consumers are looking for ways to stretch their monthly income. This is why loyalty programmes, discounts, and promotions are seen as essential strategies to assist hard-pressed consumers with financial survival.

In a recent eBucks study conducted by Engen to map consumer trends and loyalty spend, mid-month is increasingly the time when fuel is redeemed through eBucks. As the holiday season looms, South Africans will be further pressed to stretch their December salaries to late January’s payday, and clever cost-conscious behaviour will help manipulate the purse strings.

The partnership between Engen and FNB’s eBucks programme has translated into millions of fuel miles for consumers who are rewarded for their spending.

To fill up with petrol, diesel, or oil at an Engen service station using eBucks, all that is needed is the eBucks card and the 4-digit pin. Customers also have the option to pay using their FNB credit card, and similarly accrue eBucks for other purchases in the process.

The programme is acknowledged as one of South Africa's leading rewards programmes with highly active members spending in excess of 80% of the eBucks earned in any given month.

“When you see an Engen forecourt, chances are that our promise of great customer service, exciting retail partnerships, and fuels that offer both performance and economy come to mind,” says Joe Mahlo, General Manager of Engen Sales and Marketing.

“Customer service remains a key determinant of success in our industry, so while we will continue to focus on training our forecourt staff to provide fantastic service, we will also continue the roll out of our signature convenience offerings across our network, including fast food and restaurant partnerships, franchise bakeries, coffee, alternate payment partnerships, and a range of other innovations.”

Mahlo says the company will continue to build on its winning strategy by seeking innovations and tailoring its offerings to specific market segments.

“To ensure that we deliver on our promise of 'With us you are Number One', we remain focused on developing products and offering services that resonate in the hearts of our customers.” 

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