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The ideal employee can help your company in more ways than one.
The ideal employee can help your company in more ways than one.

How to attract and retain the best employees


By Lianda Dadlana - Sep 24th, 12:54

Finding the right employee can be a time-consuming process – especially when you’re looking to hire the best candidate for the job. But there are simple steps one can take to find employees who are best suited for your culture and the future success of your business.  

The ideal employee can help your company in more ways than one. Apart from growing your business, the right candidate can ensure customer satisfaction, an increase in profits and a healthy work environment for others. But finding the right employee isn’t about luck. It's about using automated tools and talent management skills to attract the perfect candidates.

Below are tips on how to draw and retain the finest employees.

Know what you’re looking for

As a business owner, you need to sit down with your human resources department (HR) and map down your requirements and what you expect from your employees. This will help you narrow down your search and, hopefully, find the most skilled candidates for the role.

Are you looking for people who are qualified and have years of experience? Or are you looking for a graduate who can be moulded into a unicorn employee? These are the type of questions you need to consider. Make sure that your job description is clear and concise so that you don’t receive several applicants that don’t meet your expectations or requirements.

Offer your employees benefits

Having perks for your business is an effective way of attracting and keeping future candidates. Employees love benefits as these perks make them feel as if the company cares about their career and their wellbeing. And, honestly, the right benefits can increase your turnover rate; your employees will have higher work morale and improved job performance.

But when choosing employee benefits, you need to think about the needs of most employees. For example, a benefit every business has to have is a group scheme funeral cover for your employees. Having a group funeral cover is a beneficial thing to consider.

Although it’s not a must, it should form part of your long-term business goals. Adding funeral insurance to your benefits can also offer them peace of mind during a difficult time in their lives. You can find group funeral plans that offer a wide range of benefits, covering accidental death and the death of children or extended family members.

You can also add medical aid to your benefits. Medical aid is extremely important and may set you apart from your competitors in the industry. Your employees are bound to become drained from time to time, leading to physical health issues. When you offer medical aid, your employees can seek and receive medical care, allowing them to work at an optimal level. At the end of the day, unhealthy employees will affect productivity in the office.

Re-think your interviewing processes

One of the reasons you aren’t finding the right employees is partly due to your interview process. Try and make it a simple process with fewer steps. Most job applications are online, but you need to put yourself in the shoes of an individual who is looking for employment.

Only 54 percent of South African’s have access to the internet. When people are looking for employment, they might be looking for several job applications at a time. If your future employee is using their own data or is at an internet cafe, they might not have enough time to fill in your lengthy application process. This can cause you to, potentially, miss a wonderful employee who could become a valuable asset to your business. So, why not have a short online application and find out more during the actual interview? By doing this, you can also gauge the type of person they are and allow themselves to pitch themselves to you.

Execute thorough background checks

When employing new staff, you need to do a thorough background check. You don’t want to hire someone who has been involved in illegal activities or, on a lighter note, someone who doesn't meet your job requirements. Make sure that when you do your checks, you take note of the candidate’s work history. For example, is the candidate someone who changes jobs during a short space of time? Because that might reflect that the candidate is unreliable.

Promote growth within the company

One of the most effective ways of securing the right candidates is by offering growth within the company. Every employee wants to work in a company that enables growth. Business owners can start coaching and training staff for management positions. You can also offer development programs, and inform employees of any new positions in the company. By doing these small things, your most valued employees can excel within your business.

Final thoughts

In order for your company to thrive and continue to grow, you need to find effective ways to attract the ideal employees. Once you have them, make sure you implement ways of making them stay. Be respectful to your employees and offer them a thriving working environment they will enjoy. Although money is king, health benefits and opportunities go a long way. Always consider ways to make your employees happy by listening to their personal needs.


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