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Owning a restaurant is much more than ensuring that your guests are well-fed.
Owning a restaurant is much more than ensuring that your guests are well-fed.

Improving your restaurant's ambience with these 5 tips


By Anitta Jara - Sep 13th, 09:44

Owning a restaurant is much more than ensuring that your guests are well-fed. It is about the experience you offer your customers. For instance, have you ever been to a restaurant where everything is just right? And by everything, we mean the decor, lighting, food, and music. This is the first impression you should aim to achieve as a restaurant owner.  

If you want to retain customer loyalty and ensure they're singing your praises, you may have to relook at what you offer, more specifically the ambience in your establishment.

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive market, and this is why you must capitalise on the elements that most of your competitors might be overlooking. When a customer walks into your eatery, they should sense your unique ambience when they immediately enter. Remember that your customers’ first impression will determine your star rating.

Here we have collected a list of ways in which you can improve your restaurant's ambience.

Keep it clean

As mentioned, you need to impress your customers from the very moment they walk through your door. A dirty and unsanitary environment will send customers right out the door. Consider ways to ensure your space is not cluttered, and this includes the kitchen area.

Some establishments have an open kitchen where customers can observe while their meals are being prepared. If this is the case, ensure your cooking staff gets rid of any unused materials or wastage. Also, ensure that your furniture is polished, the tables are wiped down and inviting for the next guest, and of course, avoid having finger marks on your cutlery.

Get the lighting right

With the rise of digital media, we share precious moments of our lives instantly, and more regularly than we might want to admit. We are forever on the hunt for the best picture, and lighting plays a big role in that. Over the years, many restaurants owners have noticed the desires of "foodies" trying the get an Instagram-worthy image of their plates. And since, many restaurants have upgraded their lights to accommodate the rising trend.

The lighting of an eatery sets the tone. If you want to change the atmosphere easily, always opt for LED lights. Try and avoid fluorescent lighting as they cannot be dimmed on-demand. For example, you might want a brighter light for lunch and dimmer lighting for dinner.

Spruce up your decor

On the same note of creating a vibrant atmosphere fit for your theme, you need to choose decor that will match the ambience you are trying to achieve. For example, when you have an outdoor eatery and want an intimate and rustic feeling, your furniture also should match that as well. The most suitable type of furniture material for this type of scenery is timber wood materials. This will complement your theme. Using timber products will save you money while creating a unique dining experience for your guests.

Pick your colour scheme wisely

According to research, humans eat with their eyes. This simply means that we are affected by colour, and thus, it directly impacts our appetite. Different colours trigger certain emotions; for example, the colour red is known to stimulate and enhance appetite. Marketers use this trick to ensure customers return for their products, so why not do the same? Luckily, you don't need to be a colour expert to implement this at your restaurant. A simple Google search will guide you in knowing which colours are good for business and which aren't.

Have good taste in music

If you have done your research, you will find that many customers are more likely to spend time at restaurants that play music. There is a vast array of genres available, but not every type of music is easy on the ear when eating. Depending on the type of atmosphere you choose to create, ensure that you pick music that will, in turn, complement the customer experience.

Sometimes customers want to enjoy their meals in peace, but having an establishment that does not play any music might hurt your sales. Take note on the speed of the music you pick, as this directly affects how fast your customers eat and the duration of their stay.

Final thoughts

If you have already achieved an inviting ambience at your restaurant, kudos. For restaurant owners who haven't, the process might seem complicated, but it will be worth it in the long run. Creating an atmosphere doesn't need to be costly. Simply replace or upgrade certain elements that hold more value. Do not forget about your staff, as they can drive the success of your business. They should treat guests with the highest professionalism and respect.


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