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Paul Williams, Major Account Manager at Fortinet
Paul Williams, Major Account Manager at Fortinet

Integrating retail customer experience through Wi-Fi analytics


Fastmoving - Jul 19th 2016, 16:50

Fastmoving recently got in touch with Paul Williams, Major Account Manager at Fortinet for his insights on the topic of integrating retail customer experience through Wi-Fi analytics. 

Fastmoving: What is Wi-Fi Analytics and how that is different from other Analytics?

Foritnet: Wi-Fi analytics is the information the Wi-Fi network gathers with the likes of a network manager and/or analytical data collector. This data is rich in information about the smart devices on local Wi-Fi network, as it takes in the location of the user in the store, the information being used in the in-store application, heat maps, as well as where a crowding of multiple users happens in the same part of the store. This information can be used for the marketing purposes of in-store promotions or certain high volume products.

This solution can also be used to redirect people to another part of the store for business or security reasons.

Fastmoving: How do Wi-Fi analytics help retailers gather analytics, engage with customers and drive in-store sales?

Fortinet: Information from the analytical data is used in many different forms, such as user type (average versus VIP), promotion success measured by time and day, marketing and branding information being seen/viewed correctly (how many users/survey). It also pushes information to the user/subscriber on in-store services, and drives new thinking and branding campaigns.

Fastmoving: How can retailers use in-store Wi-Fi to build loyalty and influence consumer purchases in real-time?

Fortinet: Loyalty can be a tricky concept, which we have seen. It is how much, when and where this information is shared with the subscriber. Part of loyalty is always providing this as an overlay service with ease and the same look and feel no matter what store the customer enters. It is the information pushed to the user which creates turn off the service.

Fastmoving: How can retail marketers use Wi-Fi analytics to measure the effectiveness of merchandising and marketing campaigns?

Fortinet: This is measured in many different ways, such as the amount of time it takes, the effectiveness of the viewed-only promotion, or a follow-up push of information when the user approaches a certain location in the store. It is also measured by the length of time the user looks at their smart device, the information the user searches for, whether a question was posed, and whether the user experience was met with a satisfactory result.

Fastmoving: How can retail marketers use Wi-Fi analytics to analyse staffing needs to match customer flow?

Fortinet Productivity is a bi-product of data Analytics. For example, fast versus slow queuing management, payment processing, large bulk item management, mobile kiosk payments and bar code scanning measurements can all be measured along with the information of who mans the promotion, whether there is adequate stock and staffing for the promotion, and most importantly, the overall experience of the promotion.

“Good customer experience in key!”

Fastmoving: How does Fortinet combat the threat of data breach, cyber theft and fraud?

Fortinet Fortinet has a two-layer approach with the Fortigate (which also acts as the secuirty policy profile manager) per access point. Fortinet also has a Wi-Fi controller built into the Fortigate, which means, on a small scale, or in a larger store, warehouse or mall coverage, Fortinet can supply a controller in front of the Fortinet. This gives the network administrators visability, secuirty profiling per SSID, userID, DeviceID, rogue detection and management of each WiFi Access point in the network.

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