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Brand ambassadors have become an important element of any business’s social strategy.
Brand ambassadors have become an important element of any business’s social strategy.

Let your social followers be the voice of your brand


By Shannon Ash, Rogerwilco - Feb 12th, 09:15

Brand ambassadors have become an important element of any business’s social strategy. These individuals eat, sleep and breathe your brand, and they help to grow your brand’s reputation online.  

With the digital age playing such a massive role in the development of companies, brand ambassadors are there to help endorse your products and services, as well as embody your company’s values. They indirectly advise your brand on the best ways to improve your customer experience.

These ‘fans’ are one click away from sharing their experience with your brand, whether it’s good or bad, so they’re always keeping you on your toes. In such a crowded, competitive online space it’s essential for businesses to take advantage of their best followers and create brand ambassadors out of them.

Here are a few tips for turning your social media followers into brand ambassadors:

● Start by differentiating yourself from your competitors

The audiences you have support your brand because your purpose resonates with them. Although your seemingly ‘loyal’ fans might ‘like’ your next post, there are many other brands that they’re also following and connecting with. So, if you want to have a social brand ambassador, you need to show them what makes your brand different, in the content you create and the relationships you build.

When you identify brand ambassadors, these individuals need to have a voice that is relevant to your brand. It cannot simply be the person who likes your posts the most. If you choose someone, they need to act as the voice of your brand and be your eyes and ears about competition in the industry.

● Build a solid online brand

A good online presence is more than just creating and uploading content, it’s about running incentive programmes, interacting with your audiences and including them in your brand’s online conversation. Before you can choose a social brand ambassador, you need to grow your audiences and have consistent interaction with them. While you may have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts that are active, you need to be consistent with your content updates to keep existing customers interested. When new customers witness the engagement you have with your brand, they’ll be happy to return.

● Keep the conversation flowing with your followers

The customers who are constantly interacting with your brand are the people with whom you want to be connecting with. Make clear and concise plans around these communications, and start speaking to the people who are interested in your brand, and the people who have the ability to grow your brand. Instead of just being a brand behind a screen, show your customers the person they’re communicating with.

● Reward your followers in small ways

Getting your social media followers up has proven to be difficult when you’re not consistently active. This is where a good social strategy comes into play, and it’s the ideal opportunity to scope out your influential brand followers during these stagnant times. When you do have a moment to interact and engage with your followers, reward them for their efforts. Customer incentive programmes are a great way to reinforce good behaviour in a positive way that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Take the time to really connect with your customers and show them how much you appreciate and value their input about a specific topic or idea. Customers love being incentivised because it makes them feel special. So, the next time you acknowledge someone, tag them in posts and include them in your brand’s conversations. Another way to keep groups of customers engaged is to just thank them for following you. When you run promotions for followers, it becomes significantly easier to convert them into brand ambassadors because it will give them something to talk about on their own social platforms.

● Let your followers create content for you

Once you’ve identified a follower’s voice that appeals to you, keep in touch with them. It is those people who you want to create relationships with, so show them that you’ve heard them. When you’ve built a relationship, start allowing them to create content for you and your brand’s platforms. Ultimately, your followers are the ones who are interested in your content. They’re the ones who are steering the ship for your brand, so if you can and will, allow them to guide you in your content strategy. Apart from content creation, encourage them to write recommendations about your brand. The more feedback and connections you have, the more it will benefit your brand in converting new customers.

● Be consistent. Always.

Nowadays, things change in the blink of an eye and ‘loyal’ customers change their minds as quickly as they update their statuses. Keep your branding and content consistent, relevant and up-to-date. If you have brand ambassadors, you’ll be able to create credibility while promoting your brand. They will also be able to help increase your brand’s loyalty because their input is more appealing to your audiences.


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