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Neutrogena to unveil new app and accompanying technology, which utilises in-depth data analysis and machine learning systems to help consumers better understand what products meet their needs.
Neutrogena to unveil new app and accompanying technology, which utilises in-depth data analysis and machine learning systems to help consumers better understand what products meet their needs.

Neutrogena to debut new skin imaging technology


By Ben Sillitoe - Jan 10th, 16:13

Beauty brand Neutrogena says it is bringing cutting-edge technology out of the dermatologist’s office and into consumers’ hands through a new collaboration with start-up company, Fitskin.

Set to be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, the new mobile app and accompanying SkinScanner tool is said to help people understand their skin’s condition and needs, as well as offer beauty advice based on those needs.

Neutrogena and Fitskin developed the solution together, designing the SkinScanner tool so it fits over a user's smartphone. Built with 12 high-powered lights, a 30x magnification lens, and sensors, the scanner reportedly caputures the size and appearance of pores, the size, and depth of fine lines and wrinkles, and measures the skin's moisture levels.

Sebastien Guillon, global president of beauty at Neutrogena parent company Johnson & Johnson Consumer, said: “Shopping for skincare products can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for our consumer because she is uncertain about what her skin really needs.

"Smart and connected technology helps us provide our consumer with personalised analyses and information she needs in real time so she can make decisions that will help her achieve her best skin ever."

Data and machine learning

Each time the skin is scanned, data is streamed to the Neutrogena Skin360 app, which after analysis provides the user with a score for pores, lines, and wrinkles, and moisture, as well as an overall “Skin360 Score” that can be linked to specific product ranges.

Neutrogena says that as more data is fed into the tool, the app uses machine learning capability to improve its analysis and recommendations. Users can also set skin care goals, journal their progress, and benchmark results using crowdsourced data from others using the app.

Josh Ghaim, chief technology officer for Johnson & Johnson Consumer, commented: "Delivering new beauty tech solutions to consumers aligns with our mission to enhance people's lives through technology.”

And with the likes of Kellogg’s launching its own Cereal Café in New York and Campbell's soup unveiling a consumer online delivery service, the move by Neutrogena – which will see the technology sold via its official website later this year – is further evidence of the growing trend for brands to sell direct to consumers.

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