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Thanks to the latest digital innovations, automation can save your startup plenty of time and money.
Thanks to the latest digital innovations, automation can save your startup plenty of time and money.

Reasons for your small business to consider automation


By Shannon Ash, Rogerwilco - Oct 16th 2018, 08:42

In recent years, automation has been on the tip of many business owners’ tongues. While it’s certainly a big corporate buzzword, there is a good reason behind it. Thanks to the latest digital innovations, automation can save your startup plenty of time and money.  

For one, it can be used to assist with internal workflow and two, it can help you to understand your customers better. The less time spent on tasks that can be streamlined, the more time you have to adjust your approach according to customer feedback.

In the startup world, automation is particularly helpful because it saves you from having to hire the excess resources to help you implement specific tasks. It also saves your existing staff from having to wear several hats, as it frees up precious time which can be used to focus on what really matters.

Here is how your startup can automate internal tasks.

Automate where it makes sense
Depending on the type of business you run, you might or might not benefit from automation. Firstly, you need to identify whether or not your business is a good fit for automation software. There needs to be an immediate need for automation. For example, you’re struggling to meet customer service needs. Another perk of it would be to use it on digital services which rely heavily on data capturing and customer feedback. The purpose of this implementation is to improve something in your existing business operations. If you make use of complex management processes that are time heavy, artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help you to solve these challenges and speed up the productivity on these tasks.

Automate repetitive tasks
Before you implement your strategy, you need to set measurable goals on what you want automation to assist you with. For example, tasks such as recruitment and customer queries are two very time-consuming activities. While they’re both extremely important, they tend to take up more time than expected. So, if you’re able to leverage artificial resources such as chatbot technology and big data, you will be able to sift through applications and queries and have machines respond to individuals without you needing to be involved in the process. There are several programs and software being introduced to the market daily. And with so many African startups, which are already making use of these technologies, you need to keep up with these ever-changing technology trends to stay ahead of your competitors.

Use trusted software for your automation needs
When you choose to purchase automation software, be sure to do your research and don’t settle for the first provider you see. Explore your options, as each type of software is used for different reasons. You will also need to have a clear understanding of your goals and what you will be using the software for. Also, explore whether or not your chosen option will be able to integrate with your existing tools. You don’t want to find yourself having to spend plenty of infrastructure and software to be able to use it.

Monitor and keep track of your updated performance
If you’re completely new to automation and have yet to experience the benefits it can offer your business, make sure that you monitor your newly updated systems. Keep track of your numbers and play around to see if there are any issues or complications you pick up once implementing the new system. Not everything is smooth sailing, so be sure to map out pitfalls and communicate them with your team members. Your team needs to be able to operate these systems effectively to assist in tasks. If you have room for resources, hire an operations manager to help you manage these systems and oversee that projects run smoothly and your automation system is constantly adding value to your business. Over time, make notes and look at new ways to personalise your automation system and optimise it accordingly.

Final thoughts

There are so many reasons to use automation in small businesses. The biggest perk is being able to reduce human resources and utilise artificial resources to manage tasks. If you automate customer and marketing communication, you will be able to focus your time on your business’ main objectives and competencies. If you utilise these tools in the right way and for the right reasons, you will be able to boost your bottom line significantly and compete against your competitors. If you want your small business to succeed in such an overflowing marketspace, you need to make use of African tech innovation. It would also be helpful to visit a tech conference to learn about how businesses are succeeding with automation.


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