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Drive in-store shoppers and maximise Mother's Day sales by preparing ahead of time, promoting discounts and targeting your ideal shopper with engaging ads, giving shoppers a reason to come to you.
Drive in-store shoppers and maximise Mother's Day sales by preparing ahead of time, promoting discounts and targeting your ideal shopper with engaging ads, giving shoppers a reason to come to you.

The Mother’s Day prep that drives in-store shoppers


By Jessica Thiefels - May 9th, 10:06

Drive in-store shoppers and maximise Mother's Day sales by preparing ahead of time, promoting discounts and targeting your ideal shopper with engaging ads, giving shoppers a reason to come to you. 

It may seem that that world of shopping is moving online, but consumers are still spending time in brick-and-mortar stores, especially for Mother’s Day. A 2017 study found that 70 percent of Mother’s Day shoppers plan to shop in-store.

Just because shoppers want to spend their money with retailers like yours, doesn’t mean you can assume they’ll come shopping without a good reason. As such, the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day serve as preparation time for your business. Use the following ideas to encourage shoppers to come see you when looking for the perfect gift for mom.

Plan a Flash Sale

Everyone likes a sale but don’t just run a regular sale this Mother’s day. Instead, make it timelier with a flash sale. The term “flash sale” indicates a time limit, encouraging shoppers to purchase now for fear of having to pay full price later.

Turn to both online and offline marketing sources to market this big Mother’s Day sale and drive shoppers:

Online: Share an attractive “flash sale” image on your Instagram account, using hashtags like #FlashSale, #MothersDayShopping, #ShopSmall and #ShopLocal. Don’t forget to share on other social platforms as well, like Facebook and Twitter.

Offline: Update signage and window messaging to reflect your upcoming or current flash sale. To make your messaging even more clear, Francesca Nicasio of Vend, recommends taking it a step further: “Go beyond typical window displays by adding additional elements outside your store. For instance, you could put out a sandwich board that welcomes people with a witty message.” Relate your message to Mother’s Day for maximum impact.

Host an In-Store Mother’s Day Event

Drive in-store shoppers by offering more than a great gift for mom—an experience for the shopper to enjoy as well. There are a number of different events you could plan, from big to small, and both your budget and typical shopper profile will dictate what this ends up being. Consider the following ideas:

Shop and Snack: Bring a local caterer to your store for a day of shopping and snacking. Keep all eating outside the store, if possible, and offer one plate of food for free with any purchase.

Live Music Shopper Series: If your building permit allows, bring a live band into your store for a day of music and shopping. You can even turn this into a regular holiday event, bringing in a different live band for each big holiday. Shoppers will remember this and come back to you again.

Free [Insert product] With Purchase of R500 or More: Promote this as a way of getting more for mom without spending extra. The key, in this case, is to make the product something universally appreciated, like a high-quality tote bag or high-value coupon.

Use Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to market to your ideal shopper. Not only are most people active on Facebook every day, but Facebook ads allows you to target potential shoppers based on age, location gender and interests—making it possible to get extremely specific.

The best part: even if you’ve never used Facebook Ads before, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and understand right away. You can use this platform in one of two ways:

- Promote a specific Mother’s Day sale. This shows your value to the shopper right away: “You can shop for mom with us AND save money!”
- Promote your products as being mom-friendly. This would be a general ad for your store, but in this case, could focus on a specific product, or line of products, that would appeal most to mothers. If shoppers can’t figure out where to get the best gift for mom, they may remember your ad and come find you.

Mother’s Day is a great time to drive in-store shoppers. Maximize sales by preparing ahead of time, promoting big discounts, and targeting your ideal shopper with Facebook ads. Give shoppers a reason to come to you and they just might.
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