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 In a world where every brand is fighting for attention, how will brands stand out?
In a world where every brand is fighting for attention, how will brands stand out?

The story substance - Why the world wants a story and not a sale


By Wayne Flemming, Founder BrandTruth Integrated Content Practice® - Oct 23rd 2018, 10:49

People are confronted daily with a slew of messages resulting in content fatigue. Added to this is a mass amount of remarketing tactics based on search and content consumption behaviour, which ads to this content overload. Now, in a world where every brand is fighting for attention, how will brands stand out? 

The answer is simple. The authentically unique brand story.

Nike has demonstrated effortlessly, how a brand becomes humane through a story by being compassionate and benevolent. Their recent Caster Semenya brand film perfectly introduces a Nike narrative and then allows her unique story to carry through the narrative. The film is so effective in striking emotional chords and connecting with the zeitgeist, that Nike is instantly experienced as more in touch with culture than with economics.

With Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick spearheading their new campaign, it has received widespread acclaim for not only pushing controversial and culturally relevant topics but being brave enough to back those topics through their brand. They took a stance...boldly!

The human truth differentiator

Understanding the “human truth” remains a differentiator in marketing, as consumers will support a brand that truly understands who they are. With storytelling being embraced and used to pave the way of the future of content creation, empathy allows us to connect with the hearts and minds of consumers. According to Nielsen, the Middle East and Africa is the second highest region in the world where 63% of online consumers have the propensity to buy from socially responsible brands.

Our content practice, BrandTruth, was firmly built on the philosophy that the focus of building a brand through content should have a duality. Firstly on crafting a purpose-lead creative story - built on an authentic narrative, and then secondly moving customers through a funnel of discovery rather than just securing a sale. This will deliver brand recognition and actionable impact.

The significant difference? While sales are still influenced by price, it is predominantly driven by the human connection that exists between the consumer and the brand. This is why a story is so important. Because the path to the mind (action) is through the heart (emotion). And this is the substance of a story.

Our team aims to do more than just tell a story, we live it. Inviting people to connect with a brand and live through it with their own experiences. As Beth Comstock said, “when you tell enough of the right story, the commerce will follow.” How do you feel?


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