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The knowledge of sales strategy is something that anyone working in marketing should be familiar with.
The knowledge of sales strategy is something that anyone working in marketing should be familiar with.

Tips for building a winning sales culture in your office


By Shannon Ash, Rogerwilco - Sep 5th 2018, 09:47

It’s safe to say that sales is not for everyone. Either you enjoy public speaking or have a knack for selling anything, but this job can be stressful and pressured. While this career choice might not be for you, the knowledge of sales strategy is something that anyone working in marketing should be familiar with.  

As mentioned, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are plenty of informative tips and sales techniques you can use in your everyday job and personal life. From rejections to competition and self-confidence, it’s important to learn these skills in order to excel in a digital marketing world. If you’re leading a team of salespeople or marketing individuals, you should take the time to encourage these skills and help your employees to have more control in their professional careers, better self-esteem and higher morale.

Having a team of motivated employees starts with the leader and the overall culture. Culture is one of the most important elements of any business environment as it encourages inspiration, excitement and willingness to grow. If you, as the sales leader, have poor morale, it’s going to reflect badly on your team. Before you encourage your teams to improve their skills, start with the overall productivity in the office and build a culture that delivers impressive results not only in sales but in day-to-day tasks.

Here are some tips sales managers can take to create their own winning sales culture:

● Hire for personality and character

A company’s employees are their biggest assets. You need to hire potential, knowing that you have the power to improve that potential and mould them into being the best possible sales candidate for your company. People with good talent, morals and drive to succeed will inspire others to be the same.
If you are hiring for sales, look at the type of character and personality your applicants have.

It’s always better to teach someone new skills than to ask them to change their character and be more positive. As it is, a salesperson needs to be optimistic and positive to be able to fit into a particular culture.

● Set clear sales goals and expectations

Goals and expectations are two of the core performance indicators for sales employees. As a manager, you need to be straightforward with your expectations, and if you set incentives for various goals, you need to meet them once a team member reaches them. If you don’t, it’s the first way to crush an employees’ sales motivation and create low-morale in the workplace. Goals should be challenging, yet achievable. You will need to position yourself and a mentor and guide your staff with their pitches. When employees feel that you are going above and beyond to help them improve, they will be more motivated.

● Encourage individual development

Big corporate companies often get distracted by numbers when each team member is different. Try to strategise around each individual’s skills and create key performance indicators (KPIs) for them individually. If you see that someone is struggling with something in particular, send them on a training course to help them. Find out what motivates each person, for example, someone who is 25 years old will not be motivated about what a 45-year-old is. Each person is different, and the minute you personalise each person’s approach, you will be able to focus on (and maintain) that improvement. Analysing an employee’s strengths and weaknesses will allow you to monitor each person’s performance individually.

● Make sure your sales teams have time for “fun”

As much as you need your team to work hard, you also need them to play hard. Competition is important and you need your teams to achieve their designated goals, but you also need to encourage your teams to have fun. Communication beyond sales targets needs to be fun, engaging and mentally stimulating. Inspiring brainstorming sessions and facilitating knowledge-sharing will allow everyone to be inspired.

● Celebrate the small wins

As briefly mentioned, you need to celebrate the small wins. Someone who has been in your team for years and is excelling will not achieve the same as a newcomer. In order to ensure that everyone feels welcome and appreciated, you will need to celebrate all sorts of achievements. Whether someone has been a more positive person in the past week or someone has finally made a sale, each person deserves to be noticed and rewarded for their improvements. This will foster a culture of success.

● Try to keep your sales teams passionate about their jobs

Being transparent in your leadership will inspire trust. When your team is trusting of your abilities, your sales teams will work hard to impress you. It’s critical that you keep your employees in the loop of your vision and the bigger picture. Keep the communication channels open and strive to create excitement around sales. A winning culture does not develop overnight, but in order for your teams to be happy and successful, you need to encourage and motivate them from the top down.


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