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Top social media platforms
Top social media platforms

Top social media platforms

MARKETING NEWS - Feb 4th 2013, 08:22

The latest report by the Global Web Index shows that Google+ has overtaken Twitter to claim the second spot behind Facebook as the most active social platform on the web. 

According to the report, Google+ grew in terms of active usage by 27% to 343 million users to become the number 2 social platform.

This position was previously held by Twitter, which has slipped to fourth position. Third position was filled by YouTube, which had previously not been tracked as a social platform by the index.

The boost of activity on YouTube “[demonstrates] the immense opportunity of linking Google’s services through the G+ social layer,” according to the GWI.

The fastest growing network in terms of “Active Usage” – which is defined as “Used or contributed to in the past month” – was Twitter, which grew 40% to 288 million users across 31 markets – approximately 90% of global internet population.

21% of the global internet population now use Twitter actively on a monthly basis.
21% actively use YouTube on a monthly basis.
25% actively use Google+ on a monthly basis.
51% actively use Facebook on a monthly basis.

Fighting Facebook fatigue

According to GWI, avtivity on Facebook has seen a resurgeance over the past quarter, fighting against reports that Facebook user numbers were in decline.

“Something we’re seeing in our initial findings is an return to growth for Facebook,” GWI said. “We now estimate that Facebook has 903 million accounts across 31 markets among 16-65 year olds.”

“If we scale this up to the remaining 10% of global internet users we do not yet survey, and factor in accounts for under-16s and over-65s, our estimates fall in line with Facebook’s claimed 1 billion user figure.” 

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