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With ongoing advancements in technology, it’s a priority for small business owners to adopt a digital mindset.
With ongoing advancements in technology, it’s a priority for small business owners to adopt a digital mindset.

Why SMEs should outsource customer service to boost their bottom line


By Shannon Ash, Rogerwilco - Oct 1st 2018, 09:03

With ongoing advancements in technology, it’s a priority for small business owners to adopt a digital mindset. Based on where the market is headed, the future of customer service is artificial and extremely intelligent. If you’re not will to adapt to digital transformation, your business is going to struggle to survive. 

Small business owners need to understand the current market trends and utilise them to improve their business operations. These insights will ensure your business generates an increase in sales and revenue. Customer service has transformed into customer engagement, meaning that if your business does not have the time to spend servicing and creating relationships with your customers, you will need to look at ways in which you can outsource that department of your business to reap better results.

A powerful brand is one thing, but a brand that connects with their customers and creates unique experiences that add value to their customers’ lives is ultimately going to win over more customers’ hearts. While startup businesses and small businesses usually require employees to wear many hats and service various areas within the business, customer success requires your full attention.

So, if you need help in this department, here are a few benefits of call centre outsourcing:

● Outsourced companies have years of expertise

You might have a knack for speaking to people and connecting with your customers in person, but there is no way that you will be able to meet their needs and service several clients at once while you focus on other areas of the business. Outsourcing your customer needs is a no-brainer because your chosen company is likely to specialise in customer service for businesses like yours.

In such a competitive space, customers have plenty of reason to choose another similar business if they receive poor service. But, luckily you don’t need to worry about that as the agents who will be working on your call centre outsourcing contracts have years of experience in servicing companies and helping them to reach their business goals. While it might feel like it’s an expensive venture, leaving unskilled staff to attend to customer queries in real-time could damage your brand and leave you in a worse situation. Once these outsourced agents become familiar with your business operations and what you expect from them, they will be able to manage and guide your customers as if they were an extension of your team.

● Cost effective alternative to purchasing the equipment

As a small business owner, you should try to reduce the number of overheads you have if and where possible. If you can eliminate the need for resources on tasks which can be outsourced, you will also be able to save in the long-term. The price of outsourcing your customer service needs versus what you will need to pay when installing the technology and infrastructure needed to access that side of your business does not measure up. You will receive a greater return on investment (ROI) by allowing someone who is knowledgeable in this field to assist you with your business needs. Ten to one, they will be charging you far less than what you would spend to build your own call centre, so why not maximise the opportunity?

● After hours and 24/7 support

Whether your outsourced department does it themselves or uses automated systems and artificial intelligence (AI) to do so, the point is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your customers are being helped 24-hours a day. This is a massive benefit, simply because you (or your employees) will not be able to offer the exact same support in your personal capacity. They will make sure that your customers are satisfied and happy with your service whenever and wherever. This burden will be lifted off of your shoulders, giving you more time to focus on other areas of the business.

● Multi-language support to customers

If you have a product you want to extend to international markets, you would need to consider language barriers that may affect your ability to succeed. The wonderful thing about outsourcing your customer needs is that companies which specialise in this are geared towards multi-language support. This means that no matter how your audience changes, you will be able to communicate with them regardless. This quality service will give your brand a good reputation and it will save you from having to hire employees which would (potentially) need to assist customers of another language with their queries.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned advantages of outsourcing customer service are enough of a reason for your small business to consider outsourcing your customer service needs. Whether it’s call, email or chat support, make sure you have a clear idea of what you need. Do your research on the type of company you’re looking to assist you and shop around for quotes. Each company promises plenty of perks and advantages of working with them, but you simply need to find the best option for your business needs.


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