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Another successful Freshstop opens its doors
Another successful Freshstop opens its doors
Birch Park Opening
Birch Park Opening
Margaret and Chris Lundgren
Margaret and Chris Lundgren

Another successful Freshstop opens its doors


Apr 26th 2012, 12:38

Freshstop are steamrolling ahead with their 75th store opening in 62 Koedoe Ave,Birchleigh, Kempton Park.

Freshstop at Caltex launched in 2009 and is a subsidiary of Fruit and Veg City which works closely with all their Franchisees. Freshstop is proud to be bringing freshness, economical prices and giving consumers a healthier option to keep energy levels “Filled Up and Fresh Up” during their busy days.

Owners of Freshstop at Caltex Birchpark, Margaret and Chris have taking on the Freshstop ethos and believe that the customer is king approach will take their store into a new paradigm.

Margaret purchased the business in August 2011 and immediately wanted to convert from the existing StarMart to a Freshstop, with the Freshstop came the new 20 20 Caltex forecourt image upgrade. The fuel station has been revitalised and brings new life to the neighborhood of Birchleigh, a well-established suburb in Kempton Park.

Customers were amazed at the prices of the products on the first day of opening. Wordspread quickly throughout the area and Birchpark has been buzzing ever since .

Supported by the passionate owners and well-trained friendly staff, this superbly located Freshstop is surely a recipe for future success.

FreshStop welcomes all residents and encourage passers by to come experience the fresher, healthier and more convenient shopping option!


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