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The partnership between the two organisations will see The Sunflower Fund benefiting from a portion of the proceeds of the sales from two products.
The partnership between the two organisations will see The Sunflower Fund benefiting from a portion of the proceeds of the sales from two products.

Award-winning low-carb health food company – MojoMe launches fundraising partnership with The Sunflower Fund


Issued by The Sunflower Fund - Feb 18th, 19:18

The partnership between the two organisations will see The Sunflower Fund benefiting from a portion of the proceeds of the sales from two products - the O’ Mega Crunch instant breakfast and the O’ Mega munch instant smooth porridge. The products are easily identifiable with The Sunflower Fund’s logo on the top left corner of the box. 

MojoMe Low-Carb Performance Nutrition is the brainchild of two women, passionate about the guilt-free yumminess of life and enabling others to reclaim their inner mojo as well as their (th)inner selves. Launched as a premium, healthy alternative food brand in 2013, MojoMe has been making low-carb lifestyles easy, delicious and convenient by developing a range of sugar-free premixes, cupboard essentials and single ingredient lifestyle supplements.

The entire MojoMe range is nutrient-dense — full of good stuff and free from bad stuff, which means NO added sugar, artificial sweeteners, grains, gluten, starch flours, additives or preservatives, making the products perfect for families and anyone wanting to eliminate empty calories, toxins, refined and processed foods from their diet.

In 2018, MojoMe partnered with The Sunflower Fund for a Women’s Day event, an initiative aimed at raising funds for the recruitment of blood stem cell (bone marrow) donors to give the hope of cure to individuals diagnosed with life-threatening blood diseases.

“During this event, we got to learn more about the incredible work The Sunflower Fund does to literally save lives,” said Julia Edwards, Chief Temptation Officer at MojoMe.

The Sunflower Fund is a donor recruitment centre and Stem cell registry that fights blood diseases like Leukaemia, Aplastic Anaemia and Sickle Cell disease - to name but a few by recruiting and maintaining a registry of donors committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant.

“Their call for individuals in good health, and committed to a healthy lifestyle to register as donors is something that resonates with the ethos we live by, eating should be a healthy pleasure adventure,” Julia continued.

“Partnering with business is one of the ways in which we secure sustainable income streams to continue the work we’ve been doing for the past 18 years now,” said Alana James, CEO of The Sunflower Fund.

“Our vision is to save lives by ensuring that more individuals make it to transplant, and generating the funds to subsidise the cost of the DNA tissue-typing test is vital to delivering on this vision” continued James.

“We are excited about the potential of this partnership knowing that it will not only financially support our cause but help raise awareness and ensure we reach a market of people committed to healthy lifestyles, who make awesome candidates to become stem cell donors,” James concluded.

The Sunflower Fund pays R3100 per DNA tissue-typing test for every donor they recruit. Individuals between the ages of 18-45 years with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 40 and a consistent weight of more than 50kgs are eligible to register.


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