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Builders makes bathrooms blissful with new tap range.
Builders makes bathrooms blissful with new tap range.

Builders launches new tap range


Issued by Aim Marketing - Oct 8th 2018, 13:49

Available exclusively at Builders stores or online, the range has proved popular amongst homeowners and contractors and has been expanded to cater for every taste with 10 unique, equally flattering styles. The decision-making process has been given an upgrade as one is truly spoilt for choice.  

Every room in a home is personal, yet a bathroom evokes an allure of indulgence that makes it a sanctuary to be haloed; a private space of solitude and rejuvenation.

It’s no wonder that homeowners take special pride in selecting the best quality finishes with unique imprints that create the desired signature style. And now there’s no need to sacrifice taste and preference over budget when it comes to creating or refurbishing your ideal bathroom.

Revel in the Lusso tap range, crafted using top quality materials with DZR brass and a chrome finish for long-lasting functionality and aesthetic appeal. In an industry first, Lusso taps come with a 15-year guarantee that offers unmatched quality assurance.

The Savio range brings timeless elegance.
Savona offers an expression of glamour with solid design.
If you’re after a blend of art and architecture, then Pescara is your match.
Lucca will give the perfect touch with a distinctive design.
Tronto is recommended for the contemporary and trendy, whilst Nera brings ultra-sleek design for interior connoisseurs.
Roya is simply stunning against Magra’s majestic and modern bevelled finish and the collection is rounded off with Reno’s classic air of class.
Altogether, this gives a perfect 10 on 10 in bathroom accessories.


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