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Pick n Pay has released a sneak preview of five deals that will be available to customers in-store nationwide this Black Friday.
Pick n Pay has released a sneak preview of five deals that will be available to customers in-store nationwide this Black Friday.

Pick n Pay shares sneak preview of #BlackFriday deals and tips on how to prepare for SA’s busiest shopping day


Issued by Corporate Image - Nov 19th 2018, 14:24

Pick n Pay has released a sneak preview of five deals that will be available to customers in-store nationwide this Black Friday.  

“We wanted to give customers a sneak peek at some of the amazing Black Friday deals they can expect from our stores this year,” says John Bradshaw, head of marketing at Pick n Pay.

Here are some of the big discounts to whet customers’ appetites:

For electronics – a favourite category for many Black Friday shoppers
• Pick n Pay customers will save 50% off the Russell Hobbs Steam Iron Bundle (was R599,00, now R299,00)
• R1 000 off the AIM 50" Full HD Smart LED TV (previously R4 999, now R3 999).

In fresh and edible foods
• Customers will save 33% on Bulk Stewing beef – this will drop from R87,99 p/kg to R59,00 p/kg
• A 200g Nescafe Gold Assorted Jar will be R60,00 (down 44% from R106,99)

In the household category
• OMO Auto Washing Powder Flexi 3KG will cost just R49,99 (down 35% from R76,99)

“These are just five examples and some of the discounts we’ll be offering on the day will be even better. We still have a few surprises up our sleeves, but we wanted to give customers a preview of what to expect this coming Friday,” says Bradshaw. "Customers can expect deals of up to 50% across all categories in-store. This includes liquor, food, toiletries, household products and appliances.”

All Pick n Pay stores nationwide will open at 06.59am on Black Friday 23 November 2018, and their deals will run over a three-day period until 25 November 2018.

Pick n Pay’s online shop will launch its Black Friday deals at 00.01am on the 23 November 2018. These will also run for three days and the online shop will have selected online-only deals too. “For a convenient and a stress-free Black Friday shopping experience, we invite customers to shop online. For Black Friday weekend we have added additional delivery and Click n Collect slots to minimise any delays in customers receiving their Black Friday purchases.”

Bradshaw says that they have been preparing for weeks for their biggest Black Friday ever, and were really looking forward to welcoming customers in-store over the weekend. “We have worked hard to bring our customers the best deals and to ensure we have enough stock available for all customer looking for great deals.”

Pick n Pay’s top six shopping tips for 2018 Black Friday:
The shops are understandably extra busy on Black Friday, Bradshaw shares six tips to make it as stress-free as possible:

1. Make a list: Sign up for Black Friday alerts so that you get all the deals emailed to you directly (you can sign-up for Pick n Pay’s alerts at As there will be hundreds of deals available to customers these alerts can help you make a list of what you most want to buy this Black Friday.

2. Shop online: Many shops have an online offering too and are likely to run Black Friday deals on these platforms too. Research what deals will be online as you might find you won’t actually have to travel in-store to do your Black Friday shopping.

3. Start early: Many stores are likely to open early on Black Friday (all Pick n Pay stores will open at 06.59 and online from midnight) so be sure to get in-store (or online) early to avoid any disappointment.

4. Be prepared and have a plan at the shops: To make sure that you maximise your Black Friday shopping time in a particular shop do your research and plan your shop. Become familiar with the layout of your favourite store so you know where to find the items you most want to buy this Black Friday.

5. Phone a friend: Invite a friend to join you and share in the fun. That way you can share your list to make sure you each get your favourite Black Friday specials. Having a friend with you means you can also share combo details to maximise your savings.

6. Think ahead and bring your reusable bag: Please don’t forget to bring your own plastic or reusable shopping bag to avoid buying a plastic bag unnecessarily.


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