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Wal-Mart feels good about Black Friday weekend sales - USA
Wal-Mart feels good about Black Friday weekend sales - USA

Wal-Mart feels good about Black Friday weekend sales - USA

RETAILER NEWS - Dec 2nd 2014, 09:56

New York - Count Wal-Mart as not falling victim to the Black Friday weekend blues. The discounter is reporting a strong holiday weekend, including record online sales. 

“In a few short hours, we flipped from being the largest grocery store in town to the best gift shop on the block," said Laura Phillips, senior VP of merchandising at Walmart.

"Not only did we have millions of customers shopping at our stores, but we’re confident Walmart was the first stop of the night for most of them.”

According to Phillips, more than 25 million people downloaded Wal-Mart's Black Friday app, and 20 million customers used their local store maps on In addition, as many as 22 million shoppers walked through Walmart's doors.

Thanksgiving Day was Wal-Mart's second-highest online sales day ever, topped only by Cyber Monday last year.

“Tablets, TVs, sheets, children’s apparel, and video gaming were the top five categories of the night in our stores," Phillips said. "We sold enough food storage containers to hold 4.5 million pounds of Thanksgiving leftovers, and we sold enough towels to line the banks of the Mississippi River. Video games, wireless prepaid phones, HDTVs, and baby items were popular on on Thanksgiving Day.” From 

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