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Mobile isn’t coming – it’s already here
Mobile isn’t coming – it’s already here

Mobile isn’t coming – it’s already here

SERVICES NEWS - Sep 8th 2014, 10:57

New data from Google shows that mobile is far bigger in South Africa than initially thought, having blasted past its growth projection a year sooner than expected. 

Speaking at the uAfrica eCommerce Conference in Midrand, Industry Head for Google South Africa, provided glimpse into the current state of search in the country.

Based on desktop versus mobile search data, Nelson showed that in 2014, Google processed more mobile search terms than those from PC browsers.

This was only expected to happen in 2015, Nelson said, and was set to grow exponentially moving forward.
By 2015, mobile is expected to account for two-thirds of all search queries in South Africa.

“People like to go on about ‘mobile is coming’ – but the change has happened, mobile is here,” Nelson said.
“It’s safe to say that, as a business, if you don’t have a mobile strategy, you’re probably already too late.”

Looking specifically at retail searches, Nelson said the same trend is showing, with mobile (tablet and smartphone) searches for retail products dominating over desktop queries.

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