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The South African Service Awards – Recognising Great South African Service


Jul 11th 2011, 11:32

Products and Services (not service delivery) are becoming more and more commoditised in all lines of business. The same or similar products can be bought from numerous providers at competitive prices. So what differentiates one company from the next? Why do some companies achieve massive customer retention and growth whilst others with the same product never achieve repeat customer experience or customer growth? 

The key differentiator is SERVICE.

The South African consumer has – until now – been too accepting of inferior service levels. However, that is changing, and customers want to deal with companies that meet and exceed their expected level of service, particularly in the aftermath of the World Cup last year. Many companies are now concentrating on raising their service levels through intensive staff training and the employment of dedicated Customer Satisfaction personnel, with the resultant superior service and turnover.

Until now there has been no unbiased monitor to compare businesses against one another, and no reward that recognises and acknowledges companies for their effort to ensure great service delivery.

This is what the ‘South African Service Awards’ is positioned to achieve.

The South African Service Awards – how the process works

1. A company registers to participate in the South African Service Awards.
2. A link to their rating page is automatically generated on the website. The company is also provided with a “Rate our Service in the South African Service Awards” link. The company is free to distribute this link to all their customers, embed it in their website etc.
3. A client will click on the link to rate the company: by clicking on the link a survey will appear that relates specifically to the company being rated.
4. The customer completes the survey and submits the vote.
5. Each customer can only submit one rating per company (they do have the ability to change the rating at a later stage). Every time that a vote is submitted by that customer after the initial vote the results will not count towards the awards, but will provide vital, continuous feedback from customers and clients to be used in a positive way by the company on an ongoing basis.

The review process will run from August 2011 until November 2011, with extensive media coverage throughout. Winners reviews and audit will take place in December 2011 with a glitzy awards ceremony to be held early in 2012. Customers will also be awarded lucky draw prizes for rating companies.

To learn more, or to register, visit!

About the organisers

The best place to drive customer service is directly from the private sector, and as Smoke Customer Care Solutions, we feel that as an organisation with its ear close to the ground with regards to customer service trends, measurement, and evaluation, we are in a perfect position to drive customer service awards.

Smoke Customer Care Solutions provides clients with relevant information gathered from their customers in any situation and at any customer touch points using the latest trends in Business Intelligence query and reporting systems. For more information, visit our website:

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