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Compass Group commits to cage-free eggs only in global supply chain
Compass Group commits to cage-free eggs only in global supply chain

Compass Group commits to cage-free eggs only in global supply chain

FMCG SUPPLIER NEWS - Sep 19th 2016, 09:23

Food service company Compass Group, with operations in 50 countries and serving around four billion meals a year, have announced that it will source only cage-free eggs for its global liquid and shell egg supply chain by 2025. 

Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the United States have worked with Compass Group around the globe for several years on this and other animal welfare issues, securing cage-free policies for the company’s US and Mexico operations.

Chetana Mirle, director of HSI Farm Animals, said: “By adopting a worldwide commitment to only source cage-free eggs, Compass Group will improve the lives of millions of animals each year. The cage-free egg movement has clearly become one of global significance, and we look forward to working with more companies on similar policies.”

In its statement, Nicki Crayfourd, director of group health, safety and environment at Compass Group PLC, commented, “Improving the welfare of farm animals is a key focus for our business and we've supported the sourcing of cage-free eggs since 2009. This commitment marks the next step in our journey and we look forward to continuing to work with partners such as Compassion in World Farming, Humane Society International and The Humane League who provide invaluable support and guidance.”

Egg-laying hens are often confined for their whole lives in wire battery cages so small and crowded with other birds that the animals cannot even fully stretch their wings. The use of conventional battery cages for laying hens is banned or being phased out under laws or regulations throughout the EU, five US states, New Zealand and Bhutan. The majority of states in India, which is the world’s third-largest egg producer, have declared that the use of battery cages violates the country’s animal welfare legislation, and the country is debating a national ban.

The announcement follows a similar commitment made recently by Sodexo, the world’s second largest food service provider, to also switch to a 100 percent cage-free egg supply chain for their global operations. Compass Group joins a growing number of companies that have committed to cage-free egg policies worldwide including Alsea, Unilever, Grupo Bimbo and Nestlé. In South Africa, Woolworth’s has adopted a cage-free egg policy, and cage-free and free-range eggs can also be found at Pick and Pay, Checker’s, and Spar.All rights reserved ©. 

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