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PepsiCo has released its customisable pod-based Drinkfinity range in the US following a successful trial period in Brazil.
PepsiCo has released its customisable pod-based Drinkfinity range in the US following a successful trial period in Brazil.

PepsiCo introduces customisable Drinkfinity range in the US


By NewsDesk - Feb 22nd 2018, 14:28

PepsiCo has released its customisable pod-based Drinkfinity range in the US following a successful trial period in Brazil.

The Drinkfinity range consists of multiple flavour pods which are compatible with a specialised reusable ‘vessel’.

To create the drink, consumers peel and ‘pop’ the pods into the bottle once it is filled with water and then shake it. Once this happens, the dry and liquid ingredients inside the pods are converted into a 20oz flavoured drink.

Each flavour pod comes into one of four ‘modes’: Charge – where each pod contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee – Flow, which contains vitamins C and E; Renew, which contains electrolytes; and Chill, which contains botanical ingredients to help consumers relax.

Within each mode there are multiple flavours, such as Blackberry Acai, Mandarin Orange, Pineapple Coconut and more, with 12 unique blends available in total.

Each flavour is free from artificial sweeteners and flavours and contains between 30 and 80 calories per 20oz serving, depending on the blend.

PepsiCo also claims that each pod uses approximately 65% less plastic than conventional 20oz bottles, and thus represents an environmentally-friendly option.

The company will also donate $1 per purchase to, though this amount is capped at $100,000.

Hernan Marina, vice-president of global business innovation at Drinkfinity said: “Drinkfinity is a delicious new beverage option that allows today’s busy consumer the unique opportunity to personalise a drink based on their individual preferences and unique lifestyle needs."

“Better yet, Drinkfinity was made to do more than just hydrate – it was created with a simple vision to make a beverage that connects the dots between wellness and versatility while trying to balance the needs of both people and the planet.”

Luis Montoya, president PepsiCo Latin America Beverages, and Drinkfinity added:“We are extremely proud to launch Drinkfinity in the United States. Developing a brand ‘intrapreneurially’ within PepsiCo has been an incredible experience and one that we believe will create insights for the broader organisation.”

Drinkfinity pods and vessels are available exclusively from Drinkfinity’s website.

Flavour pods are available in packs of four and cost between $5 and $6.50, while vessels will cost $20.
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