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Shebeens: Three months to apply for licence
Shebeens: Three months to apply for licence

Shebeens: Three months to apply for licence


Fin24 - Mar 6th 2012, 07:51

Johannesburg - Shebeens must also comply with the new Gauteng Liquor Act, economic development MEC Qedani Mahlangu said on Sunday.

"It is critical that, as liquor traders, they must comply with the spirit and latter of the current legislation," she said during a media briefing on applications for new liquor licences and other liquor issues in Johannesburg.

She said shebeens currently fell outside the ambit of the existing legislation. However, shebeen permits were due to expire at the end of June, around the time when the new legislation should come into operation.

"To this end, the shebeens will have a minimum period of three months commencing on July 1 to migrate into the current legislation by applying for any type of licence they deem appropriate for their business."

The new legislation would include that licences be renewed annually, licences issued prior to the new act be renewed subject to conditions of the new legislation and compliance with the broad-based black economic empowerment act.

"We wish to emphasise that there will not be an automatic renewal of licences as is currently the practice," she said.

The department introduced a moratorium on liquor licences in August last year in a move to curb problems faced by the industry.

"The moratorium has been lifted and the board is ready to deal with new applications," she said. 

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