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We create IoT solutions that improve your output throughout the supply chain.

The need for visibility in your business is key to identifying the factors that cause loss, shrinkage, and inefficiency. IoT technologies allow you to collect data through multiple connected devices, and gain extensive analytical insights into your processes, systems, and distribution.

As a Proudly South African OEM, we provide a full IoT tracking and analysis solution that integrates sensors, tracking, and analytics technology with your production, distribution, and resale channels to give end-to-end insights on any product; the range of items that can be connected, monitored, managed, and reported on has never been greater.
Integrated telemetry, full control, in-depth and predictive analytics.
  • Asset Register Integration
  • Actions per Unit
  • Behavioural Data
  • Environmental Reports
  • Unit Identification
  • Unit Traceability
  • Automation
  • GPS Tracking
  • Maintenance
  • Remote Control per Unit
  • Reporting
  • Service Alerts
In any production, manufacture, or service industry, Informed Decisions gives a layer of security and control to the output of your business that is only possible with leading technology and hardware solutions that deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions.
Demand for asset-tracking, monitoring and analytics has driven our product development in key areas. Included in the benefits of each is the ability to capture data based on environmental factors, actions throughout the supply chain, and predictive analytics that give you a solid maintenance, service, and management forecast.




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Fridge Monitor System19
Fridge Monitor System
A fridge is important in the various industries it is utilised. The effectiveness of a fridge is especially critical in the medial and food and beverage sectors. Using our smart fridge solutions ensures that our clients’ businesses are protected from damage and loss through our integrated fridge monitoring system.
Making informed decisions simpler, with the Internet of things25
Making informed decisions simpler, with the Internet of things
IoT simplifies management, control, and analysis of your production supply-chain.

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