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Harnessing the power of mobile
MakeMeMobile is one of South Africa’s most experienced enterprise mobility solution providers that assists organisations to improve their supply chain efficiencies, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and retain their competitive edge.

MakeMeMobile has a successful track record in implementing mobile solutions, as well as years of mobile expertise and experience. Their mobile applications are customised to suit the needs of local and multinational organisations across the retail, FMCG, transport and logistics and industrial sectors throughout South Africa.

Their comprehensive services combined with the right mobile platform, software application, mobile technologies and support result in a mobile solution that meets business requirements and enhances supply chain processes.

MakeMeMobile is fully committed to Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment, and is a Level 4 BEE contributor, with 15% of total ownership held by black women.
Range of applications
Their range of enterprise mobility applications run on the cloud or on enterprise servers that integrates with back-end SAP and other ERP and software systems.

Mobile Delivery
MakeMeMobile’s mobile Delivery applications enable field personnel to make speedy, accurate deliveries, improving your profitability and customer service levels while integrating into your back-end ERP systems to provide real-time management and control.

Sales Force
Their mobile Sales Force applications automate your sales processes to produce greater efficiencies, traceability and productivity by empowering your sales force with the necessary mobile devices to perform at their maximum.

Field Service
MakeMeMobile’s mobile Field Service applications provide real-time management of your service organisation, allowing you to improve response and decision making in the field when it comes to managing repairs, maintenance and a range of different types of service inspections.

Asset Tracking
Their Asset Tracking applications comprise two multi-functional mobile applications that drive efficiencies, transparency and enhanced management – Asset Control Solution to manage your fast moving mobile assets; and Asset Management Solution to manage your fixed assets.

Inventory Control & Tracking
Their Inventory Control & Tracking Applications comprise a range of focused applications to manage your inventory at your warehouse/distribution centre, as well as control vehicles, drivers and goods entering/exiting your yard, providing you with increased productivity and efficiencies
Leading technology brands
MakeMeMobile provides its customers with the leading brands of mobile computing and barcoding technologies, which include barcode scanners, mobile computers, voice, barcode and mobile printers, and RFID tags and readers.

MakeMeMobile has long established premier partnerships with global technology brands of software and hardware and are fully trained and certified on all the products and technologies supplied to their customers. With extensive product knowledge and industry experience, they recommend the correct technology to ensure maximum return on your investment with the lowest cost of ownership.
Customised Solutions
MakeMeMobile deploys a range of industry leading mobility platforms, such as Honeywell Movilizer and MobileFrame, to develop cloud-based customised applications that meet your specific requirements and enable you to rapidly deploy and mobilise your business processes across your enterprise. These mobility enterprise platforms allow you to integrate easily to SAP, and other ERP and software systems and upscale as your operations expand.

MakeMeMobile is a leading solution provider of Honeywell Vocollect Voice, which helps increase worker productivity while reducing errors and training time using voice-directed voice solutions in warehouse and distribution centre environments.

For critical performance insights into how you can run your Vocollect DC/warehouse and retail operation more effectively, MakeMeMobile deploys Honeywell Operational Acuity to provide essential performance insights, using data collection, aggregation and predictive modeling techniques for detailed and powerful data analysis.
Managed Services
MakeMeMobile provides industry leading professional and support services to their customers to ensure that the optimal automated identification or mobile computing solution is implemented within your organisation.

Their extensive range of professional services ensure the delivery of consistent excellent results and include pre-implementation (consultation, business analysis and solution design); deployment services for the smooth roll-out of your solution; and ongoing support services to ensure maximum uptime and continuity of your mission-critical mobile solutions. This includes a help desk and quick turn-around field and workshop repair centre



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Latest Activity

MakeMeMobile and Bartrans merge to form Bidvest Mobility01
MakeMeMobile and Bartrans merge to form Bidvest Mobility
MakeMeMobile and Bartrans, both wholly owned by The Bidvest Group, have merged to form a new entity called Bidvest Mobility, effective on the 1st March 2019. This follows Bidvest’s acquisitions of MakeMeMobile at the end of October 2018 and of Bartrans during 2017.
MakeMeMobile receives global Honeywell award for Shoprite solution08
MakeMeMobile receives global Honeywell award for Shoprite solution
At its recent annual European partner conference, Honeywell celebrated its top Productivity Products and Workflow Solutions partners who demonstrated success in 2017.

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