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Can Africa’s youth change the course of retail?

One cannot be castigated for believing that Africa’s biggest export is economic refugees. Nevertheless, those who are not jumping the fence are quietly ushering in a significant swell in retail. For them, it is not the fast moving trains into Europe that appeal but rather fast selling brands.

At 200 million, Africa’s 15-24 year olds already hold the key to the retail revolution and have been contributing in spend and spirit. According to African Economic Outlook, in just two decades from now, this number is likely to double to 400 million. Add to this a few other compelling stats and together you have three-fifths of the population that is under the age of 25.

A promising youthful and trendy consumer segment is a premise on which many brands are built and retailers ride, but given Africa’s own challenges in terms of rising unemployment and lack of opportunities, the question everyone wants answered is, whether this ‘demographic dividend’ will ever pay-out.

According to Professor Roger B Mason, Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair, Cape Peninsular University of Technology, “Africa’s problems are not exceptional, but rather perceptional. Compared to the rest of the world, the unemployment figures in the region are only marginally higher. Six of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies are in sub-Saharan Africa.”

“This could well be Africa’s Goldilocks moment where everything is just perfectly poised for growth”

This confidence is, in part, derived from the impressive and sustained economic growth in many economies on the continent. Africa’s economic pulse was quick to recover from the financial meltdown that defined 2009, led by sectors like telecom and retail. Of significance as we come closer to the Retail Congress is the acceleration of retail, which is a sign of promise and enlivened expression by Africa’s youth.

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Almond Breeze Barista Blend, your new coffee fix

Calling all coffee connoisseurs, you can now get your new coffee fix with Almond Breeze Barista Blend, a great tasting, rich, creamy, and healthier alternative to milk.
Chocolat Frey Spoils Us with New Treats

Chocolat Frey, Switzerland’s Number 1 and most loved chocolate, is now widely available in South Africa.
NikNaks introduces a spicy new flavour

South Africa’s favourite nak is introducing a spicy new flavour, NikNaks Chilli Cheese, adding even more variety and taste to the current range.
Woolworths launches first private label ASC-certified fish in South Africa

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is a global non-profit organisation managing robust global standards for responsible aquaculture.
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Actis pumps R760m into Food Lover’s

Actis is investing R760 million into Food Lover’s Market to boost its local growth potential and is acquiring a substantial minority stake at the same time.
Naive consumers falling for marketing promises

In South Africa, much more needs to be done - even at school and tertiary level - to make consumers more money savvy in order to protect them.


Astral has not made a bid

South African poultry producer Astral Foods said that it continues to explore strategic options, which could include the acquisition of Sovereign Food Investments.
Big deal for cotton, textile industry - Ghana

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has introduced new, pest-resistant cotton varieties within the savannah ecological zones.

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Africa’s Big Seven Boosts Halaal Opportunities across Africa

As the annual global demand for Halaal food soars beyond $1-trillion, more and more manufacturers, suppliers and service providers are taking advantage of the massive business opportunities supplying Halaal products to Africa’s burgeoning Muslim population.
KZN raises a pinky to Snowflake freshness

People across KwaZulu-Natal are raising a pinky to the freshness of Snowflake following the relaunch of the flour brand in the province.
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How online retailers can reduce shopping cart abandonment – An infographic

Staying informed on the latest trends and developments in retail is important if you are in the industry. As online retail continues to grow, it became necessary to create a piece on how online retailers can reduce shopping cart abandonment.
Pharmaceutical labelling: multiple languages, one solution

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry faces a range of packaging and labelling challenges, from protecting sensitive biopharmaceuticals to preventing counterfeiting.
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Four sugar-free lunchbox treats your fussy eater will love

Sugar-free lunchboxes don’t have to be all broccoli florets and pumpkin seeds.

MyPlanet Rhino Fund allocates over R1.3 million funding

The MyPlanet Rhino Fund recently allocated R1.385 million in funding towards rhino conservation causes across the country that vary from rhino protection and monitoring to saving and raising rhino orphans.
NRG Renew Africa signs PPA with Smollan

NRG Renew Africa, a provider of distributed and renewable energy solutions, has completed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with international retail solutions company Smollan.

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