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Year in review.
Year in review.

2019 The Smart Way


Smart Media - Nov 22nd, 09:59

What an exciting year it has been for in-store innovators Smart Media, on successfully launching their new in-store innovative solutions such as, Over-The-Counter Arches (OTC Arches), Digital Shelf Strips and 3D Holograms.

“I have worked with Cecil and the Smart Media Team for over three years in the OTC space. The innovative media options that the team has brought forward in a very complex environment have been fantastic and streaks ahead of other suppliers. I believe that the enhanced, disruptive visibility has driven my brand's growth over the last few years, and I will continue to leverage Smart Media’s offerings in my upcoming brand executions. In-store is still a valuable and key touchpoint to engage, connect and disrupt the consumer! Keep the innovation and disruption coming Smart Media!” – Diane Obree (Shopper Marketing Manager at Johnson & Johnson).

Iliadin was the first client to come on board and experience the great benefits of our OTC Arch solution for a nationwide campaign in Dis-Chem stores. This saw advertisements placed on metal queuing rails in the self-medication area. Given how this was a category exclusive solution, this provided Iliadin with a new exciting opportunity/platform to be seen. This has the power to give visibility to brands whilst the shopper is queuing ensuring customers are constantly engaged with the brand, in addition to exposing the pharmacists to the brand messaging by always having it in view.

Incredible new innovations from Smart Media are 3D Holograms and Digital Shelf Strips. They are a complete media solution for creating, managing and displaying unique 3D and video content. This technology is truly a one-of-a-kind solution that presents a powerful tool for elevating customer experience and engagement like no other! Digital movement in the aisles will easily attract the attention of consumers and are one of a kind opportunities guaranteed to generate awareness amongst customers in-store.

Building from this success, Smart Media was appointed as the advertising sales partner for both the Dis-Chem Benefits and the Parent & Child quarterly magazines. These magazines are aligned to the four seasons and have content that is relevant, informative and educational to the industry. The profile of a Dis-Chem shopper wants to engage with something tangible. The magazines are printed and distributed throughout the national Dis-Chem store network.

We are excited to see what Smart Media has in store for us next year!
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