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8-TREK 50ml TUBE
8-TREK 50ml TUBE

8-TREK - The all-purpose ointment now available in 50ml TUBE


Issued by Commitment Promotions - Jun 28th 2017, 14:41

New 8-TREK ointment, the all-purpose ointment which helps treat a myriad of minor skin problems both safely and effectively, is now available in a new 50ml size tube.

General cuts, nicks, grazes and insect bites are treated by massaging a small amount of 8-TREK ointment onto the affected area. The wound can then either be covered with a light dressing or left open to air dry. When treating ingrown hairs/nails, thorns or splinters, a liberal amount of 8-TREK ointment should be applied to the problem area and then covered with an absorbent dressing for 24 hours. Repeat this process if necessary. 8-TREK will help to draw out pus or foreign bodies by softening the affected area. Boils are painful and if left untreated can spread infection and cause complications.

If they do become infected and are not treated, they may also keep recurring. 8-TREK ointment helps to soften the affected area and draw out any pus and foreign bodies. Covering with a dressing will protect the area and help prevent infection from spreading. It is very important to note that if a boil does not respond to home treatment, then it may be necessary to consult a doctor. *Boils should never be “popped” as this may spread the infection to surrounding areas.

When treating any type of wound, hands must be washed well and wounds cleaned with a mild liquid antiseptic. The area must also be then dried thoroughly before applying

8-TREK ointment and a dressing. 8-TREK ointment can be safely used on children.

8-TREK 50ml tube and 8-Trek 25ml tub are available from UPD, Alpha-Pharm and most major wholesalers.

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