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ACDOCOSA Donates R400,000 LifeStyles Condoms To Dis-Chem Foundation
ACDOCOSA Donates R400,000 LifeStyles Condoms To Dis-Chem Foundation

ACDOCOSA Donates R400,000 LifeStyles Condoms to Dis-Chem Foundation


Issued by Juliette Verhoog on behalf of Acdoco SA - Aug 12th 2016, 09:01

Specialist Consumer Packaged Goods brand-custodian distributor, ACDOCO South Africa (“ACDOCOSA”) in partnership with the Dis-Chem Foundation has donated R400,000 worth of LifeStyles Condoms by Ansell, to different NGO’s across South Africa.

According to figures released by the Department of Health*, more than 1 million people have been treated for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the past year and this number is continuing to rise. This is compounded by another startling statistic that less than half of adults ages 18 to 44 have ever been tested for an STD, apart from HIV/AIDS**. This leads to a whole number of problems if not treated correctly, especially for women. If left untreated, many STDs can cause infertility or increase the risk of cervical cancer. ***

“Globally, more than a million people contract an STD every day. The rates are even higher when one looks at millennials. Some of these STDs can also increase the risk of HIV infection. Another key challenge in our country is access and use of contraception with unwanted pregnancies and baby abandonment rates on an acute rise. High-quality condoms are the best solution to reduce transmission and prevent unintended pregnancies”, says Jason Frichol, Managing Director and Chief Shopper Officer of ACDOCO South Africa.

“Governments across developing markets have challenges with condom distribution and even more importantly replenishment rates with their subsidised/free initiatives. This is further hampered by declining international funding year on year. The Dis-Chem Foundation provided a consummate solution that rapidly disseminated the condoms direct to the communities. This is just the start and we plan to invest further in other sexual wellbeing platforms.”

ACDOCOSA and the Dis-Chem Foundation will be donating LifeStyles Condoms to Afrika Tikkun, African Children’s Feeding Scheme (assists with family planning in Soweto), The Smile Foundation (distribution to various hospitals) and Caring4girls (distribution to clinics in KwaZulu Natal and Mpumulanga).

Upon receiving these donations, Penny Stein, who heads up the Promotions at The Dis-Chem Foundation said: “We are so delighted with this generous donation, health is our concern and that includes sexual health. This donation will definitely make a difference to the 4 major beneficiaries and the communities in which we work."
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