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We’re beginning to see a lot more development in the packaging sector when it comes to intelligent, smart or connected packaging.
We’re beginning to see a lot more development in the packaging sector when it comes to intelligent, smart or connected packaging.

Connected packaging


Pyrotec - Jun 4th, 08:51

We’re beginning to see a lot more development in the packaging sector when it comes to intelligent, smart or connected packaging.

Just one of the many benefits of connected packaging is that it allows brand owners and marketers to add a layer of communication and promotional messaging to their brand packaging.

So, what is connected packaging?

Essentially, it’s packaging that’s digitally connected. Not only does smart packaging offer highly desirable opportunities for companies to enhance brand image and recognition, but it also increases the visibility and control of products in the supply chain.

Interactive brand tools

Connected packaging and on-pack digital communication helps brand owners to engage with consumers and add value to the user experience because of a pack’s increased functionality. Triggering an emotional response from consumers is key to increasing sales and brand loyalty.

Once consumers have engaged with a brand, marketers have provided the pathway to continuing that conversation by offering value-added on-pack drivers such as discounts and coupons, or new campaigns based on information previously collected.

Enhanced traceability

Today, consumers are more discerning than ever. They not only want to know the nutritional content of the food they buy, but also where it comes from, how it’s produced, how it got to them, and what the brand does to support sustainability.

While barcodes have been widely used by manufacturers since Wrigley first used them 45 years ago on a 10-piece pack of Wrigley Juicy Fruit gum, traceability systems from a consumer perspective are also evolving as demands for better safeguards and increased brand confidence grow.

The loyalty connection

With consumers constantly plugged into the power of technology at their fingertips, brands have a valuable opportunity at retail to digitally provide the information they demand. Assurance, engagement, interaction, and authenticity are what they want. In return, these consumers offer their loyalty and trust in a brand.

Connected packaging is an ideal way to seamlessly integrate with online media to strengthen relationships and consumer loyalty and create a multi-dimensional marketing strategy.

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