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Creative Store Designs Boosting Turnover and Profit
Creative Store Designs Boosting Turnover and Profit

Creative Store Designs Boosting Turnover and Profit


Issued by P and P Communications on behalf of Creative Shop - Jun 13th 2016, 14:28

According to retail industry design tips, putting thought and energy into a shopfront design is the reason foot traffic walks into - or right past – your shop!

Gone are the days where retail placed product as the main priority for sales. Customers are now empowered and are contributing and shaping the retail environment through their own preferences; be it design, product, or environment. Currently customers are not just looking for a product but a great retail experience – an experience that incorporates all five senses.

Brandon Williams, Managing Director of Creative Shop Retail Shopfitting Specialists, sites that a retail space is the face of a brand. Great store layout and design will increase feet into a store and increase sales.

“In our years of experience, we have seen retail customers evolve and demand a better retail experience for their money and this prompted us to provide our pharmacy clients with a comprehensive store design service. A recent Shopability report found 75%- 89% of boutique shoppers and up to 95% of mall shoppers leave stores without making a purchase. This shows that retailers are missing a huge opportunity. Today, with global competition from online stores, price comparison sites, and convenient door-to-door delivery services, brick and mortar retailers cannot afford to lose a single sale. Store owners need to understand competing on price alone is not enough, they need to offer what the Internet cannot; tactile customer experiences. The space, look and feel, intimacy and mood, and even scent of the store plays a crucial role in capturing customers and hopefully turning that into a sale,” continues Williams.

Creative Shop has a team of experienced retail designers and interior architects to conceptualise store interiors that both capture the essence of a client’s brand, and drive customers’ in-store sales though effective, floor-space-and-sales-optimising retail designs.

“Interior is the first thing customers see and the last impression they have of a brand. It has to be changed every three to five years to in order to keep relevant and keep attracting customers. Shelves have to be kept filled with stock and the fitting should be of great quality,” adds Williams

A smart store space plan that leads customers around the store, passed merchandising cleverly laid out to attract attention and increase impulse purchases, will increase basket size and sales revenue.

Something as simple as a correctly designed impulse isle, for example, can boost retail turnover by 7%.
All these demands require unique and specialised services in order to achieve optimum results.

“Our multi-skilled design department frequently attends international design conferences to make sure we understand contemporary aesthetics and practical, space-saving, sales-boosting, and retail space-planning. The team works with cutting-edge design and rendering software to illustrate all our pharmacy designs and floor plans,” says Williams.

“We present our customers with high resolution 3D renders and walkthroughs to help them visualise their future interior design. We have ensured our clients’ customers’ retail experience is exactly what they want it to be; pleasurable for them and profitable for our clients. Store designers need to create spaces that are beautiful, memorable, atmospheric, tactile, practical, cost-effective, and conducive to encouraging buying behaviour – all at the same time,” he adds. 

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