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Dawn of a new era for 100% South African cookware manufacturer
Dawn of a new era for 100% South African cookware manufacturer

Dawn of a new era for 100% South African cookware manufacturer


Issued by: MediaInk Communications on behalf of Hendler & Hart - Feb 27th 2017, 10:07

A landmark agreement between a leading South African cookware manufacturer Hendler & Hart (Pty) Ltd (H&H) and the number one provider of cookware globally Groupe SEB (Pty) Ltd, will see the local company spearhead the sales and distribution of the premium range of Tefal/T-fal and KRUPS brands into Southern Africa.

Hendler & Hart (Pty) Ltd which celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2017 currently manufactures a broad range of aluminium and stainless steel products that are synonymous with quality and its core brands - Hart, Aloe, CaterPride, Impala and Pointerware - are deeply embedded in the current lives and memories of millions of South Africans.

Commenting on the Groupe SEB supplier agreement Hendler & Hart CEO Nash Soni says; “Our new association with SEB is of significant strategic value in light of our goal to grow our presence in previously untapped South African market segments."

“This stems from the fact that to date, our primary target market has been the lower to middle-income consumer base but as this market undergoes rapid socio-economic advancement, we’ve realised that there is a gap in our current offering for a premium range of products that will better serve the burgeoning middle to upper-income consumer base in South Africa.”

A perfect partnership

Groupe SEB Vice President for Africa Eugène de Parscau comments; “South Africa has always been a key market for Groupe SEB in terms of its size and attractiveness, however, it is also a very competitive market. That is why we have chosen to go through a partnership with a local distributor and we strongly believe Hendler & Hart is the best partner in South Africa for cookware.”

He cites the company’s knowledge of the local market and consumer mindsets stemming from 125 years of operation, their experienced team, strong relationships with retailers and a wide distribution network extending into neighbouring countries (Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Swaziland) as key factors which make H&H the best partner for Groupe SEB in South Africa.

From a product portfolio perspective, the agreement with SEB will also allow Hendler & Hart to add a range of innovative new products to its current offering, incorporating features such as resistant non-stick coatings and Tefal’s patented Thermo-Spot® technology.

Full steam ahead

In this manner, Hendler & Hart is committed to staying relevant through innovation. Further proof of this, are its plans to implement a substantial 2-year re-engineering process at its Boksburg manufacturing plant based on the concept of constant improvement. A key focus will be the enhancement of the stainless steel line producing the ALOE range of products benchmarked against the best in the world.

This will allow the plant to manufacture in line with modern processes and adapt to new technological improvements in products that the market demands, for example, induction cookware. The overall aim is to increase productivity by at least 20% and create a far more agile production process, resulting in it being able to meet the ever changing market needs and sectoral demand.

Considering these advancements, Soni comments; “We continue on a strong growth path despite tough market conditions and we believe this new venture will not only be beneficial to both our companies but also to our trading partners.”

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