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Employer Brand Excellence – A Case Study Approach
Employer Brand Excellence – A Case Study Approach

Employer brand excellence – A case study approach


by Celeste Sirin - Aug 16th 2016, 12:47

An ultimate employer branding learning resource of best practice from 26 companies was produced and launched by four time author and educator of Employer Branding College, Brett Minchington in May 2016.

Through Brett’s remarkable guidance, dedication and workmanship, he collaborated with employer brand leaders of some of the world’s leading employer branding agencies and country partners in crafting this book.

Employer Branding SA, as a country representative was invited amongst 26 other renowned companies such as adidas Group, H&M, Santander, The Beer Store, Dell, AB InBev and TNS Sifo, to submit two case studies where we were called upon to provide insights on how we would navigate our way through the complexities of building an employer brand strategy.

As the champion behind Employer Branding SA, having recently graduated with a distinction in a Level 1 Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership, Celeste Sirin outlines the journey taken to build an employer brand including: key objectives, the process and methodology, challenges, key achievements, the business impact, metrics and key learnings.

Should you wish to gather more information about this book, please don’t hesitate to contact Celeste Sirin, country representative at Employer Branding SA on 021 4668909 or here for more information on Strategy Recruitment Marketing 

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