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Make shopping easier and quicker with Trolley Bags
Make shopping easier and quicker with Trolley Bags
Trolley Bags
Trolley Bags

Make shopping easier and quicker with Trolley Bags


Issued by Trolley Bags SA - Nov 1st 2016, 09:09

Whether it is the big monthly shop, or the smaller weekly one, one thing both supermarkets and consumers alike strive for is a slicker, more efficient shopping experience.

Online shopping means goods can be delivered directly to your door, whilst self-scan-and-pack checkouts and the more recently introduced hand-held scan-and-pack systems all make shopping easier for consumers. For many, it is the end of the shop that causes the most stress – the dreaded bag pack.

In 2010, Paul Doyle, a father regularly in charge of the weekly shop, created a nifty invention to help with the stress of bag packing – a series of bags that fit together and into shopping trolleys. He named this invention ‘Trolley Bags’ and when he pitched this idea to the Irish version of Dragon’s Den, he scooped the quickest offer in the history of the programme.

Trolley Bags is a series of four bags that, in one simple action, spread out with its plastic arms resting on the trolley, giving the shopper a series of open and upright bags to either scan and pack items directly into the bags, or can be placed upright at the checkout meaning shoppers have the use of both hands to pack.

Four years later, this simple but revolutionary bag packing system has been fine-tuned and suitable manufacturing capacity created. It is now set to explode locally with the imminent launch of the South African website.

Sales worldwide have been strong, with thousands of sets ordered within hours of the company’s websites going live, and predicted global sales are believed to be up to half a million by 2018.

Chris Butler, managing director of Trolley Bags SA, comments: “The need for people to get in and out of the supermarket as quickly as possible is as relevant today as it was four years ago when Paul first created the prototype and, judging by the interest shown through our social media pages in South Africa, bag packing is as big an issue for shoppers in South Africa as it is anywhere else in the world.”

Chris explains “Social media has played a crucial role in the marketing and sales of the product, with consumers literally contacting us from all over the country due to our videos being shared on social media channels. We have worked hard to get our distribution processes in place, meaning we are now very close to moving the product into the market. We expect our first products to be in the shoppers’ trolleys by early December this year."

“We have containers of Trolley Bags on their way to fulfill orders and cannot wait to see our product being used by shoppers in supermarkets all over the country,” says Chris.

For more information, to watch a video of the product or to register for pre-orders, please visit

Wholesalers interested in stocking the bags are welcome to contact us via our website as well.


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