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New Elite Cheese 450g packs

New 450g packs
New 450g packs

New Elite Cheese 450g packs


Oct 10th 2011, 12:59

Renowned as a superior South African everyday cheese, Elite has been at the heart of light meals, lunch boxes and cheese and wine parties for over 30 years and continues to delight generations of palettes.

Elite Cheese is carefully selected by a panel of experts using a 30 point rating system to ensure only the best of our cheese becomes Elite Cheese so consumers get the best quality every time. All variants are manufactured using pasteurised, standardised, full fat cow's milk according to prescribed work instruction; again, ensuring consistent first grade quality.

Also, Elite Cheese is the only cheese with added convenience of a resealable pack; keeping the cheese fresher for longer, without the need to store in another container. But here is where the similarities end and each variant takes on its distinct flavour and texture.

Following the discontinued 500g pack there has been high consumer demand that a large pack be re-introduced. Clover has done so with a 450g pack and has been received extremely well with initial targets easily met.

Now consumers can continue to enjoy Elite's specially selected cheeses, each guaranteeing quality, taste and consistency, all wrapped in a bigger 450g convenient resealable pack.
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