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SA sunscreen brand Island Tribe introduces new look
SA sunscreen brand Island Tribe introduces new look

SA sunscreen brand Island Tribe introduces new look


Issued by CH Communications on behalf of Island Tribe - Oct 1st, 09:07

Island Tribe's vibrant new look is sure to be met with great enthusiasm from consumers, as they embrace the broad cross-section of products.

In 1992, a legendary sun protection brand was born in Durban, South Africa. In just a short space of time, Island Tribe became the water-resistant sunscreen of choice for surfers and other extreme sports adventurers. Today, Island Tribe has expanded to include a wide range of products and is distributed to more than 25 countries across the globe.

After Adcock Ingram Consumer Division acquired the brand in 2017, it was determined that this proudly South African product had far broader appeal than only to surfers and extreme adventurers, and so it came about that Island Tribe was rejuvenated and relaunched to appeal to a broader audience.

“We all live under the same sun, and we all deserve sun protection from today’s severe UV exposure,” Garth Maart, Brand Manager: Personal Care, Adcock Ingram, explains. “With South Africa having the second-highest incidence of Skin Cancer in the world[i], it makes perfect sense to offer Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) endorsed, dermatologist tested, broad-spectrum sun protection for the whole family. Island Tribe ticks all the boxes, and is available through leading pharmacies and retail outlets countrywide.”

In addition to the Light Lotions and Sprays, the After Sun Cooling Gel, the Lip Balm and the Clear Gel Sun Sticks, October will see the launch of two new Island Tribe products. Kids SPF50 Light Lotion 200ml and Kids SPF50 Light Lotion Trigger Spray 300ml will join the tribe. An extensive marketing campaign to support the brand revitalisation and newly launched products has been planned and includes print media, digital media, and public relations.

“Island Tribe is an intensely researched brand, designed with a variety of users in mind, including outdoor enthusiasts, young and old alike,” Maart continues. “The Daily Use sun protection products have grown in popularity, with consumers becoming more aware of the necessity to protect their skins daily, at work, school or play.”

Island Tribe’s new slogan emphasises the fact that we’re all members of a Rainbow Nation. We might come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but underneath it all, we’re all part of the same human tribe. And each of us needs protection from the harsh African sun. This is our point of unity: One Nation. One Sun.

South Africans, young and old, sporty or not, are invited to join the tribe: Island Tribe; to experience sun protection for the everyday adventurer. Available from pharmacies and retail outlets across South Africa.  

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