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Spekko Rice releases new TV commercial ahead of Mother’s Day
Spekko Rice releases new TV commercial ahead of Mother’s Day

Spekko Rice releases new TV commercial ahead of Mother’s Day


Issued by Wine and Roses on behalf of Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd. - Apr 22nd 2015, 12:14

In a “Salute to moms’ unconditional love for their families”, Spekko Rice’s new TV commercial launched ahead of Mother’s Day on national television and on social media. The message is clear: Spekko makes 4 Cups of Love.

The advert, codenamed “That’s my Baby”, is a lighthearted look at how much moms love their families. The action unfolds at a school concert when a mom simply cannot hold back her enthusiasm for her child’s performance. She shows her love – with some amusing results.

Agency Lowe wanted to tap into a universal truth about moms and make an advert that all moms – and families – could relate to. We all know that mothers love their families more, and will do more for them. The advert celebrates this fact and demonstrates that is for this reason that Spekko in turn, does more for moms.

The “mother’s love” angle is linked back to Spekko’s yield and quality promises – one cup of Spekko makes four cups of perfectly cooked white and fluffy rice.

Showing a phenomenal and unprecedented growth over the last 8 years, the Spekko brand is going places.

The Spekko consumer love story has thrived on the spontaneous support shown by celebrity chefs, foodies and the “word of mouth” endorsements by mothers all over South Africa. Going where no rice has gone before, Spekko has been the leader in some innovative marketing strategies over the years.

Wowing consumers with Quality, Taste, and Value, Spekko Rice is now available on more and more shelves and in more and more stores.

Spekko Rice is currently selling five variants of the best rice available, procured from some of the most reputable rice growers in the world. The rice in every individual pack of Spekko Rice is from a single source and is not mixed with inferior rice or other variants or varieties.

In the first ever Kasi Star Brands™ survey published by Daily Sun on 25 March, Spekko Rice is number 37 on the list of brands that are an integral part the emotional fabric of the townships”. The survey, done by TGI’s Ask Africa group, aimed to find the brands, which have a high level of affinity and loyalty in townships.

Kasi Star Brands™ compared brand usage across 163 categories and ranking 8000 + brands, 24 KasiStar brands and 45 Potential Kasibrands emerged.

View the advert below:

“4 Cups of Love” was conceptualised by Lowe Cape Town, produced by Sanra Broekman from Bouffant and directed by Thabang Kagiso Moleya.Click here for more information on Spekko 

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