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Sureswipe has introduced a new online service called Self Sign up.
Sureswipe has introduced a new online service called Self Sign up.

Sureswipe launches another service to help small retailers grow their businesses


Issued by P and P Communications on behalf of Sureswipe - May 3rd 2018, 08:54

Sureswipe, one of South Africa’s first card payment acceptance companies, introduced a new online service, called Self Sign up, that allows retailers to order and pay for their card payment machines online and start processing customers’ credit cards within days.

Paul Kent, Managing Director of Sureswipe said, “We believe that all retailers across South Africa should be able to accept card payments to increase sales. This has not always been possible mainly due to affordability and accessibility.”

According to Kent, their new Self Sign up service removes the daunting and time-consuming application and contracting process, which often involves face-to-face meetings. “We’re always looking to provide our clients with a better personal service, with products that are easy to use, and that create better value. Our new Self Sign up service does just that! Customers can order our MOVE credit card machine in three simple steps and get swiping,” he said.

Kent explained: “Firstly, log onto and click on the Self Sign up button. Secondly, you select the package for a MOVE card machine that best suits your pocket and complete the registration details. Thirdly, you digitally sign the contract and pay. It’s super quick and easy to upload your FICA documents. Once your contract is approved, our courier will deliver the machine to your doorstep within days, depending on where you are located. You never have to turn away a customer paying with a card ever again."

“By using our online Self Sign up service, it saves you time so you can focus on running your business. You can sign up and order your machine in under 8 minutes,” he added.

Kent said that the product is easy to use. “When you receive your machine, you will find a welcome pack with a step-by-step guide on how to set up your machine and get you up and running. Because we provide a personalised service, you can always dial our Call Centre, and you’ll be helped within minutes."

“The introduction of Self Sign up is part of Sureswipe’s vision to make card acceptance easy and accessible to all independent retailers. It is convenient, quick, easy to use and above all, accepting card payments will help you grow your business,” he concluded.

Maryna Uys was the first client to use Sureswipe’s new Self Sign up service to order her card machine. She plans to fulfil her dream of opening a beauty therapy salon - called Pamper Me – in KwaZulu Natal in May. “I was very impressed as the process was very easy and quick. I completed the application form, uploaded my FICA documents, and paid via credit card within 7 minutes,” she said.

Within a couple of days, Uys received her Move device. “What really impressed me were the regular updates that I received on the progress of delivery,” she added.

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