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Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts
Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts
Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts
Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts
Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts
Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts
Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts
Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts

Sweet success for Mxit and Huletts


Issued by Biznews Connect on behalf of Mxit - Aug 5th 2014, 08:23

Iconic sugar manufacturer, Huletts, is the latest brand to benefit from mobile social network advertising.

Gaining instant traction and enticing engagement with thousands of South Africans, Huletts gets active in the Mxit space by delivering a strategic two-week campaign offering users R2 free airtime when downloading the Huletts_SA brand app.

Embedding the Huletts campaign onto Mxit’s Splash Screen media, a full screen, full colour ad displaying for five seconds on sign in, Mxit users are urged to ‘click 5’ to download the Huletts brand app. Once signed up, consumers can unlock access to free airtime and the private social brand page where they can engage with Huletts through sharing content or browse through product info, recipes, hints and tips and explore Huletts renowned Sweet Motivations quotes.

With Huletts creative prompting users to submit a picture of themselves with their Dad to stand a chance of winning a hamper valued at R1 500, Huletts received 259 photo submissions in just two days.

Leveraging Mxit’s Splash Screens, Huletts received over 2.2 million impressions and 31 964 clicks at a click through rate of 1.4%. In 15 days Huletts encouraged 30 874 users to sign up to the Huletts_SA brand app.

Mxit Account Manager Samantha Billingham says, “The Huletts campaign was hugely successful and delivered great numbers in terms of active visitors. Consumers spent an average of on 2.32 minutes on the Huletts SA app with 45% of consumers messaging the app for the competition and poll. The poll attracted 1 282 responses in just seven days. On average each member browsed six pages of the app and the Huletts mobile community is now 33 091 users strong. We couldn’t be happier.”

According to Mxit, mobile social network advertising is becoming more and more attractive to brands and advertisers that want to engage with consumers in a meaningful way. Andrew Kramer, Mxit VP of Sales comments, “The concept of two-way dialogue with consumers is highly appealing to marketers because it enables them to build relationships with target audiences and grow loyal communities. We look forward to seeing the Huletts brand app growing month on month.”

Mxit reports 4.9 million active users in South Africa with 65% of users aged 18–35 years old. 57% of Mxit users are male and 55% are in the LSM 6 – 8 categories. More than 60% of users engage with brand, news and game apps on a daily basis.

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