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Hooch Fox
Hooch Fox

There’s a fox on the loose


Oct 4th 2011, 14:44

This clever mix of classic ginger beer – always a firm favourite - with a naughty twist, is guaranteed to liven up the coming festive season.

Hooch knows that South Africans love their ginger beer and thought they’d love it even more with a bit of zing. So they’ve introduced South Africa’s first ever alcoholic ginger beer.

With the great South African summer just around the corner and its promise of long, warm days, braai’s, sundowners and good times with friends, Hooch offers the perfect way to celebrate everybody’s favourite season with this spicy summer companion.

The label was designed by Creative Performance and the campaign design was co-ordinated by Fresh. It is available in a case configuration of 4 x 6 units, and will retail for approximately R9.95 per unit or R48.95 for a six pack.

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