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TracePack’s 88S CIJ Security System.
TracePack’s 88S CIJ Security System.

TracePack introduces new 88S CIJ Security System


Issued by TracePack - Jul 4th, 14:28

Print Invisible, UV Light Readable. Product Security and Counterfeit Avoidance.

TracePack’s Model 88S Security is targeted at product traceability, security, counterfeit avoidance and brand protection applications. Ensure the product in question is truly your product.

Print real-time One-Dimensional (1D) and Two-Dimensional (2D) barcodes— Datamatrix, QR Code and other custom dot codes on demand. Barcodes can be encrypted with company and product specific serialisation information.

Invisible ink prints clear and invisible—can only be seen when fluoresced with UV light. The codes and marks light up a bright blue colour. Printing is permanent to a wide range of substrates—drying immediately on metal, glass, plastic and more.

Invisible codes survive high temperatures and remain invisible when exposed to high temperatures, steam processes such as that used for pasteurisations or sterilisation processes.

Typical applications mark and code one, two or 3 shifts per day or 24/7 operations, five to seven days per week, averaging 4,000 – 8,760-hour annual operation. Utilise integrated RS232 and programmable inputs\outputs for remote control and communications.

Systems are simplified to allow anyone to operate, minimizing operator touches, extending time between human interaction.

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